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Overall, convergent charging solutions enable users to manage, configure, and personalize their rate plan more easily.

An end-to-end converged charging solution enables CSPs to design, deliver, and monetize the personalized telecommunications services users want.  By providing mobile users with an interactive, user-friendly system that seamlessly brings together network and business policies, and adapting business models to meet evolving customer demands, service providers can offer a personalized service usage experience that will enable them to monetize their network investments and retain customers by increasing loyalty.

For example, through a converged charging solution, CSPs can provide more than the simple advice-of-charge promotions, which just inform customers how much they will be charged for particular service requests.  Instead, service providers can be more proactive: building their customer loyalty with “advice-of-promotion,” which proactively notifies customers when a more desirable rate plan may apply.  For example, if it will cost less money to download a certain game or movie after 5 p.m., CSPs can share that information in real time with customers.  Further, by encouraging customers to use services during off-peak hours, when rates are lower, CSPs can better utilize their existing network assets and provide better overall service quality which can help drive customer loyalty and revenue.

In addition, by consolidating all voice and data services on one platform, converged charging and policy solutions make it easy for CSPs to create offers that are tailored to their customers, helping improve the customer experience and reduce churn.  Further, with these systems, CSPs can improve the customer experience by giving subscribers the freedom to personalize their policies, moderate their usage, and manage connections within their mobile social circles – at any time and on any of their connected devices.  Overall, convergent charging solutions enable users to manage, configure, and personalize their rate plan more easily.  They also help consumers customize their accounts to meet specific needs – such as varied plans for multiple mobile devices in one household, where one has specific data limits, another restrictions to voice and SMS services during certain hour, and another guaranteed service quality for specific work applications – creating a better user experience to help reduce churn and grow new revenue.

This approach to rating and charging will also help operators reduce their operating costs, as running an online convergent platform that offers real-time charging requires smaller, ongoing investment across business, IT, and network teams.  The integrated nature of the platform reduces silos and maintenance costs and enables an increase in efficiency and performance while maintaining an extremely low total cost of ownership. 

The Next Generation Is Here

As voice-centric communications give way to complex data and multimedia services, convergent charging solutions allow operators to consolidate billing for traditional and next-generation services on one platform, and make it easier for service providers to monetize the services customers want in a way that can help replace lost voice and SMS revenues, while also growing new revenue streams. 

Intelligent, converged billing platforms are the next-generation of billing and revenue management, built to support the digital lifestyle.  Data usage will only continue to increase as consumers purchase more smartphones and tablets, and as data networks move beyond 4G LTE.  CSPs must change and grow with consumers’ behavior and evolve the way their businesses operate if they want to keep pace. 

A simplified charging infrastructure, integrating with policy controls and customer service, can equip CSPs with the tool they need to handle an increasingly complex mobile environment.  Further, convergent charging solutions give customers the experience they want while enabling CSPs to grow their bottom line by attracting and retaining customers, increasing brand loyalty, and improving operational efficiency – ensuring CSPs continue to be a key part of the digital lifestyle for years to come.


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