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Editorial Calendar

The monthly editorial issue themes for the next 12 months are as follows:

Month Issue Theme
January Network Transformation
February Pervasive Mobile Networks
March The Digital Customer Experience
April Digital Transformation
May Automation & Support Systems
June Innovation
July IoT and the Device Revolution
August Achieving Operational Agility
September AI, Automation, and Advanced Analytics
October Network Evolution & Optimization
November Security & Assurance
December Top Trends
*subject to change*

For specific article topics for issues within the next three months click here. Pitches for issues greater than 3 months out should be sent to . For more details on Editorial Opportunities, click here.

Due to increased demand and limited (2) contributed editorial placements in each issue, please submit your pitches and abstracts no less than 90 days prior to publication. To view specific topics and opportunities around upcoming issues, click here.

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