Pipeline welcomes pitches, abstracts and story ideas from industry thought-leaders on any of the potential article topics below and encourages you to suggest topics that may not currently appear to represent your unique perspective of the issue themes.

Placements are accepted at any time, but contributors are encouraged to submit their pitches 90 days or more from publication to ensure the highest likelihood of selection.

Note that there are very few contributed editorial positions available in each issue, so competition is typically very high. Typically, there can be 10 or more companies vying for each contributed article slot. Pipeline selects and accepts articles, and schedules them for publication based upon meeting its internal editorial criteria. Should your pitch be accepted, the editorial criteria and submission guidelines will be provided to you.

Pipeline evaluates all pitches and selects the best pitches for inclusion in each respective issue. If your pitch is not accepted in an upcoming issue or to guarantee your placement in a target issue, you should consider sponsoring your article. Sponsored Articles ensure your article is included in the target issue, provide you with more editorial liberty, and include value-added services for branding, lead generation, content marketing and more.

You can also now use Calendly to automatically schedule editorial briefings or marketing collaboration discussions.

Article Abstract and Editorial Submission Form

1. Choose Submission Type
Editorial Pitches

Editorial Contributions are exclusively reserved for service providers, market-share leaders and technology innovators and to highlight important and newsworthy industry advancements and developments. While there is no cost for editorial placement that are approved by Pipeline, you can capitalize on your coverage with digital or print reprints of your article, interactive advertising, or special distributions of your articles with lead generation (only 2 per issue). See submission guidelines.

Briefing Requests (or use Calendly to schedule a briefing)

Use Calendly to automatically schedule a briefing or submit your expert below for consideration to be included in a planned feature editorial that is assigned to one of Pipeline's editors. Interviews are at the discretion of the editor but inclusion is an excellent way to be seen as an industry trendsetter and thought leader. You can also capitalize on your coverage with digital or print reprints of your article, interactive advertising, or special distributions of your articles with lead generation (up to 6 per issue).

2. Editorial Details

Service Provider
Marketshare Leader
Technology Innovator

(company's role in thought leadership or market-share dominance related to the article's subject)

(short and succinct; approximately 5-7 words in length)

(three to four sentences; article must be neutral, objective, and balanced, and not promote your company, products or solutions outside of use cases, case studies or best practices)

(for inclusion to support article)

To ensure the highest level of success, your article pitch should be written by a technical executive e.g., CTO, tie in closely with the issue theme, and include key data points and prominent industry references to support your article.

3. Your Contact Details
4. Guarantee Your Placement
You can guarantee your placement in your target issue by adding value-added services to your editorial contribution. Select an option below and click one of the buttons to submit your editorial contribution with or without value-added services.

I am interested in capitalizing on the exposure my editorial contribution receives and supporting Pipeline by purchasing value-added services (VAS) such as article reprints, lead generation, inbound web links, or advertising services with my article. Please consider my article and contact me to explore VAS options.

I don't want to capitalize on the exposure my article receives or support Pipeline at this time. Please consider the article on its own.


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