CSP Core Router Market Expected to Reach Over 3 Billion Dollars by 2020
A new report indicates that the worldwide service provider core router market is expected to reach 3-point-4 billion dollars in revenue by 2020 as 100 gigabit ethernet port shipments spur growth

CTIA Pushing Mobile Device Information Portal to Tackle Device Theft
Wireless association CTIA today announced an initiative to create and operate a Mobile Device Information Portal as proposed to the FCC to help combat mobile device theft and sales

Nokia Introduces Cloud-Based Platform To Quickly Identify, Fix Network Problems
Nokia says its new cloud-based analytic and network optimization platform can help CSPs boost network performance and increase availability

HetNet Market Expected To Grow 15 Percent by 2020 To Handle Mobile Data
A new report indicates the heterogeneous network market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 15% between 2016 and 2020 as mobile operators remain committed to tackling the continued growth of mobile data traffic and evolving coverage requirements

New Portable Cell Extends Cellular Coverage in Large Venues
Larson Electronics today announced a new portable cell-on-wheels for CSPs designed to extend cellular coverage with an antennas-and-amplifiers package mounted on a wheeled cart

Speeding Up Broadband Over Copper Great Way to Meet Demand
Analyst points to Gfast technology and accelerating broadband service over existing copper lines as a good strategy to meet growing user demand for higher speeds

Comcast Getting Serious About The Wireless Industry
This week Comcast announced it will be participating in the federal government's upcoming spectrum auction in a move that indicates the cable giant is planning to jump into the competitive wireless industry

Bi-Partisan Caucus to Address Rural Broadband Issues in Congress
After a critical FCC report about the lack of broadband service in rural areas four Congressmen launched a bipartisan group to educate members of Congress on broadband deployment facilitate discussions and develop policy solutions to close the digital divide

SIP-Trunking-as-a-Service Introduced For Improved Enterprise UC&C
Italian telecomm services company Italtel today announced a new SDN-based SIP-Trunking-as-a-Service solution to address emerging enterprise communications needs including unified communication and collaboration

Mobile Customers Happy With Self-Service Account Management
A new JD Power study indicates that mobile customer satisfaction with self-service-enabled care channels is at an all-time high as a growing demographic shift impacts the service experience

VoLTE Call Drops Significantly Higher than 2G/3G
A new report released today by Amdocs highlights the instability of new services introduced over VoLTE and the need for operators to optimize radio access networks to contend with global doubling of data demand

Things Look Grim For Macro Base Stations
Mobile Experts today released a new report that reveals a general decline in the high-power mobile infrastructure market since 2014 a shift toward centralized RAN architectures and base station deployments shifting away from developed to undeveloped countries

WiGig Touted As Answer To Exploding Data Demand
Qualcomm and Intel are laying the groundwork for an 802-11 ad ecosystem with interoperable WiGig solutions to help open a new spectrum for Wi-Fi in the 60 GHz band

Mobile Users Most At Risk For Malware
A new report from Allot Communications reveals mobile users most at risk for malware and that the best preventative measures can be taken by CSPs at the network level

EC Looking to Spread 700 MHz Love For European Mobile
The European Commission is stepping up efforts to secure more 700 MHz band spectrum exclusively for broadcasting and mobile services to help achieve global wireless broadband use of the 700 MHz band

Ericsson Makes Tech Licensing Easier For IoT Developers
Ericsson today announced it is establishing a patent licensing platform to simplify access to standardized technology and speed up Internet of Things development

Comcast Challenges AT&T's FTTH Program With DOCSIS 3.1 Launch
Comcast is starting a gigabit broadband battle by launching a five-market salvo of DOCSIS 31-enabled gigabit broadband services to challenge AT&T's ongoing FTTH program

Smartphone and Tablet Gaming Market Grew 10 Percent Last Year
Gaming intelligence firm SuperData Research has released a new report indicating that the worldwide overall digital gaming market has grown 8 percent to $61 billion since 2014 and 10 percent last year for tablets and smartphones alone

802.11ac Wi-Fi Access Points Picking Up Steam Worldwide
According to a new report from ABI Research Wi-Fi access points based on 80211ac steadily gained momentum over the past year rising to represent 39 percent of total Wi-Fi access points shipped in 2015

Google Fiber Testing The Phone Service Waters
Google Fiber is apparently testing an experimental phone service called Google Fiber Phone that will link all of a user's devices to a single phone number enabling Google to make triple-play offers just like its cable industry rivals

Nokia, Deutsche Telekom Pushing Fiber-Like Speeds Over Copper
Nokia and Deutsche Telekom announced today that they have been testing a new fixed ultra-broadband technology that enables fiber-like speeds to be achieved over legacy copper cabling

Millennials Cutting The Pay-TV Subscription Cord
A new report from the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) reveals that 1 in 10 primarily-younger consumers have cancelled their traditional pay-TV subscription services in favor of paid streaming content services on their computers and mobile devices

Global Smartphone Slow-Down Affecting All Players
A new report by Juniper Research indicates that the global smartphone slow-down has begun to impact all players with the slowest Q4 growth since 2008

BT Keeping EE Name Under New Six Unit Line-Up
BT has announced a new group structure featuring six major consumer business and wholesale lines supported by a technology services and operations unit

Mobile Industry Gets New User Lifecycle Management Platform
Mobile apps analytics and marketing automation developer Upsight today announced it's acquiring mobile monetization and ad mediation provider Fuse Powered to become the first end-to-end user lifecycle management platform for MSPs


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