NTT Claims Tbps-Level Carrier Network Transport Functionality Using General Purpose Switches
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation today announced it has achieved Tbps-level carrier network transport functions using general-purpose white-box communications equipment

New CPRI Test Solution Helps MNOs Locate RF Interference Over Fiber Networks
Test and analytics solutions provider EXFO today announced a new RF interference analysis solution over CPRI to help mobile operators reduce maintenance costs and optimize network reliability at fiber-based cell sites

AT&T Helping Make U.S. School Zones Smarter
AT&T has announced it is providing wireless connectivity to assist Applied Information deploy new intelligent flashing school zone traffic systems across the country

NASA Successfully Tests New Satellite-Based Aircraft Tracking And Control Solution
Globestar Inc and ADS-B Technologies today announced the successful test operation of the ADS-B Link Augmentation System (ALAS) with continuous communication between the aircraft and Globalstar's satellite system with only brief interruptions

FCC Takes Set-Top Box Proposal Off The Table
The FCC today announced that the Set-Top Box Order has been removed from the September Open Meeting Agenda and the proposal will go on the Commissions circulation list and remain under consideration by Commissioners

FCC Improves Functionality of Wireless Emergency Alerts
The FCC today announced new rules to update and strengthen the Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) system introduced four years ago and proven effective at warning the public about severe weather and other emergencies

Over Three-Quarters Of Enterprises Experience Network Outages
A new study release today by Talari Networks reveals that 89 percent of companies surveyed have experienced at least one network outage this year despite redundancy precautions

Nokia Expanding Private LTE Network Product Offerings
Nokia today announced it is expanding its LTE portfolio with a Cloud Packet Core solution to enable mining oil and gas transportation and utility organizations as well governments and regional operators to more easily deploy private LTE networks

LTE-Advanced Now Included In The Patent Pool
Via Licensing Corporation today announced it is expanding its LTE patent pool to include LTE-Advanced standard technologies to help manufacturers and communication service providers bring more products to market

Connected Devices And User Multi-Tasking Driving Sharp Rise In LTE Network Traffic
A new Oracle report released today shows that an explosive growth in consumer smart device use such as streaming video and device multi-tasking is driving a significant increase in LTE Diameter Signaling traffic

Two-Thirds Of Consumers Underutilizing Their Smart Devices
A new study released today by IDC indicates more than two-thirds of consumers are underutilizing their smart devices and missing the full potential of the Internet of Things (IoT)

Consumers Report Great Concern About IoT Security
A new report released today by KPMG Cyber reveals that nearly one third of consumers are limiting their use of IoT connected devices due to security concerns and nearly three-quarters of millennials would use more connected devices if they had more confidence in their security

New Software-Based CCAP Solution To Help Operators Simplify Operations, Launch Broadband
Video infrastructure provider Harmonic today announced it is launching the cable industry's first software-based converged cable access platform (CCAP) which the company claims will improve scalability agility and cost efficiency for operators

EMCORE Upping Production Of New Laser-Based CATV Transmitters
Broadband and specialty fiber optics products manufacturer EMCORE today announced it is increasing production volume of its new linear externally modulated laser (L-EML)-based transmitter after achieving qualification with major cable MSOs

Qorvo Expands Product Line To Include New Cable Networking Products
RF solutions provider Qorvo today announced it is expanding its CATV portfolio with a new digital step attentuator and absorptive switch for DOCSIS 3-1 cable networking

Asia Pacific Internet Users Want Policy Makers To Focus On Cyber Security
A recent Internet Society survey reveals that over half of all Asia Pacific Internet users believe current cyber security policies fall short in making people feel protected online

Chicago To Tokyo Fiber Route To Provide 120ms Round Trip Latency
High-speed connectivity provider Perseus today announced it will be shortly launching a Chicago-to-Tokyo fiber route dubbed the Pacific Express that it claims will deliver round trip latency below 120ms

New Unified Cable Access Solution Enables Operators to Increase Network Capacity
Nokia today announced its new virtualized converged cable access system platform that supports all cable access networks including hybrid fiber-coaxial (HFC) passive optical networking (PON) and point-to-point Ethernet

AT&T Settles Illegal Wireless Operations For $450K
AT&T admits it operated fixed wireless stations differently than its license parameters allowed and without authorization or filing required paperwork

New Solution Helps Businesses Analyze Mobile Device Data Consumption
Tangoe Inc today announced a new cloud-based data analytics application that enables businesses to monitor and analyze how mobile data is consumed by device application and transaction within each application

FCC Fines Siemens $175K For Past Crimes
The Federal Communications Commission has announced that Siemens Corporation and Siemens Medical Solutions as wireless license holders will pay a 175 thousand dollar fine for failing to disclose prior felony convictions as required by law

Google Launches New AI-Based Digital Assistant
Google has launched its new AI-based Google Assistant inside its new Allo messaging app that utilizes voice recognition and natural-language processing tools to answer questions and requests delivered verbally as well as in formats such as text messages

Salt Lake City Gets Its First Fixed Wireless Service As High Bandwidth Option For Businesses
Windstream today announced it is the first major CSP to provide fixed wireless access to Salt Lake City as a secure reliable high-bandwith telecommunications alternative to the city's business community

New Publishing Platform Enables Publication Design From Scratch For Mobile
Media technology company MAZ has announced a new publishing platform that enables publishers to create original mobile magazine designs instead of having to use restrictive PDF or InDesign layouts

New Cloud Planning And Optimization Solution To Significantly Simplify Network Optimization
Nokia is launching a new network planning and optimization (NPO) transformation service it claims will reduce operator complexity shorten planning and optimization by up to 40 percent free up proactive resources for other tasks and provide a comprehensive view of operational performance and efficiency


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