Catch a CommIT!

This is your chance to have your company recognized as a prominent industry innovator by the world's leading communications information and technology magazine.

Pipeline's prestigious Innovation Awards acknowledge thought-leaders for advancements in technologies, products, deployments and more.

2012 Innovation Award Categories:

Innovations in CEM
Recognizing innovations that have contributed to an improved end-customer experience
Cloud Innovation
Recognizing innovations in Cloud technology
Advancements in Video
Recognizing advancements in video, TV, cable, advertising, and OTT offerings
Innovations in Networking
Recognizing network innovations and advancements in network technologies including policy, security, traffic management and more
Technical Innovation
Recognizing those that develop and leverage emerging technologies

Best Ecosystem
Recognizing partnerships, ecosystems, and programs that drive innovation
Product Innovation
Recognizing the most innovative new product, release, or feature

Advanced Connectivity
Recognizing advancements in connected M2M, vehicles, enterprises, and homes
Best Deployment
Recognizing the most innovative customer deployment based on creative solutions and ROI

Most Innovative Company
Recognizing companies that embrace innovation throughout their organization and promising new

The Submission Process includes:

  1. An extensive review of the information included on the official Innovation Awards Submission Form
  2. An extensive review of all supporting material (case studies, white papers, etc.) provided by nominees
  3. A review of on-site or remote demonstrations, if applicable
  4. Supporting interviews conducted by Pipeline's editors
  5. A panel review of all data collected and voting, including participating members of Pipeline's Industry Advisory Board, CSP and Analyst subgroups.

Contestants will receive:

  • All nominees will receive right to use Pipeline's Innovations Awards Nominee logo in all marketing materials, upon acceptance
  • All finalists will receive the right to use the Innovation Awards Finalist Logo in all marketing materials, upon notification of selection as a finalist
  • Finalists and winners will receive tickets to the Innovation Awards event at Management World in Dublin, Ireland
  • Each Winner (and their customers, if applicable) will receive the right to use the official Innovation Awards Winner Logo in all marketing material
  • Winners will be announced on Pipeline's website, promoted through Pipeline's social media channels, recognized at Management World in Dublin, Ireland, and will be featured editorially in Pipeline's Innovation issue and monthly newsletter
  • Each Winner (and their customers, if applicable) will also receive an (17.75"H x 6.25"W x 6.25"D) engraved glass Communications Innovation Technology (CommIT) trophy.

Submission Rules:

  1. All submissions will be held confidential and will only be made known those involved in the submission, evaluation, and selection process
  2. All nominations must be made by Friday, March 16th
  3. All submissions including the official Submission Form, entry fees, and supporting information must be received by April 13th
  4. Submissions including customer references will be weighted more favorably
  5. Finalists will be announced by May 15th.


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