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“Our mission is to apply our experience, team, and software to help clients and the industry succeed,” McCord underscored.
also be utilized for functions beyond engineering, like marketing, for targeting specific client segments.”

Other tools are also being used to streamline the process and provide faster access to information. For example, ruggedized iPads loaded with an Esri software called Field Maps allow field engineers to talk to the design on the server from any location with connectivity. Dashboards with real-time data and updates enable clients to check in on build progress—and even provide granular financial data on when and where project funds are spent.

By using tools like ArcGIS, Field Maps, and others throughout broadband buildout engineering, project management, and construction, CHR has streamlined its process while enabling cutting-edge capabilities. As Bartz explained, “We’re doing things with GIS data that we haven't seen anyone else in the marketplace do, like providing real-time data on permit status and real-time insight into path construction to enable deployment and selling. CHR is continuing to invest and lead the development and application of tools like ArcGIS specifically for broadband deployment and expansion.”

Eugene McCord, Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development for CHR added, “The dashboards and tools we use further the efficiency of data collected during the engineering process, expediting the build process.” Process transformation has enabled CHR to cut engineering timelines dramatically. “From engineering start to construction-ready, our process used to be nine to 12 months,” Bartz explained. “Now we can go from concept to construction in as little as three months, depending on permits and supply.” This acceleration is only possible through the software-enabled agility and efficiency CHR has developed.

Supporting and securing rural-broadband expansion

CHR’s agility and efficiency are transforming the engineering and design process, but its innovation extends into network management and monitoring. This is critical for speed to market and return on investment, as service providers must be successful in attracting customers to the network through preliminary marketing and service introduction. To accelerate these initiatives, CHR can port the valuable data collected during construction design into its OSS/BSS software, Omnia360. An end-to-end solution, Omnia360 includes centralized customer management, a dynamic and centralized product catalog, up-to-the-minute analytics and reporting, and a fully integrated CRM on the front end. “Our product and pricing catalog is tied directly to the network, so when you enter a specific address, you know what facilities are there and what the price will be,” McCord explained.

For operators deploying across multiple states, CHR offers additional flexibility through easy software implementation that seamlessly segments data by state or region to enable specific financial reporting requirements provided in a single platform.

With persistent cybersecurity threats—and significant consequences for a breach—network security should underpin everything operators are doing. CHR’s managed services offers 24x7 Network Operations Center (NOC) monitoring, as well as mediation and troubleshooting via remote support. In addition, CHR provides cybersecurity solutions and training to protect operators’ networks from persistent threats like spam, phishing, malware, and ransomware, including employee training to recognize such threats and minimize the risk of impacting the network. “Our mission is to apply our experience, team, and software to help clients and the industry succeed,” McCord underscored.

The infrastructure opportunity is real—but the investment and momentum of the present moment won’t last, and speed to market is critical to operator success. If you’d like to learn more, you can automatically book a meeting with CHR Solutions through Pipeline’s business introduction service, or visit CHR Solutions online to learn more about how the company is helping CSPs seize the opportunities of broadband infrastructure investment through engineering talent and software tools that help them grow their businesses.


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