Tapping into Exploding Growth in CALA

By: Graham Williams

Jacksonville, Florida is disrupting the international network map and breaking barriers to connect to the Caribbean and Latin America (CALA) with the landing of two major sub sea cables, America Movil’s AMX-1 submarine cable system and the Pacific Caribbean Cable System (PCCS). Located at the crossroads of networks coming together from Atlanta, Dallas, and Miami, Jacksonville now boasts connectivity to a combined 23,500 kilometers of fiber optic sub-sea cables stretching across 19 landing stations…

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Three paths to success: navigating the digital era

By: Richard Ullenius

In our busy daily lives, we’ve all grown accustomed to outsourcing tasks to keep things humming. We enlist the services of housekeepers, child care providers, food delivery services and everything in between.   While hiring trusted help has permeated our personal lives, it’s only been recently that communication service providers (CSPs) have embraced the idea that perhaps other partners are better qualified to handle the day-to-day tasks of running key systems that take time, energy and resources away from innovation…

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The Future of Unified Communications

By: Gary Gluzman

In the communications industry, “Unified Communications” (UC) has become a ubiquitous term. But what does that mean exactly? At the moment, UC is defined as the convergence of multiple communications platforms, facilitating real-time communication in a digital space. This industry buzzword is ringing through the enterprise and is resonating with the consumer base. Millennials are pushing the industry into the cloud, where a text is no longer the most efficient way to reach a friend. From a consumer standpoint, we’ve come full circle in our preferred method of communication…

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Competing with Free: Learning from Silicon Valley

By: Jesse Cryderman

Buy one get one free. Subscribe today and get six months free. Sign up and get a free ride. Switch to Comcast, get free HBO. Everywhere you look, companies are luring in customers with free stuff, and this is certainly true in the integrated communications and entertainment (ICE) technology space. Free is great, but can it pay the bills? Is it possible to actually compete with free? The answer is a conditional yes. If the success of companies like T-Mobile and France's aptly named Free are any indication, it is definitely possible, but it all depends on how you define free…

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Mobile Customer Service Performance

By: Cedric Arnaud-Battandier

Today’s growth in digital devices and the normality of social media and word of mouth recommendation has meant that it has never been more important for companies to adopt a more sophisticated approach to customer service. This is especially true for the mobile industry, where markets are saturated. A recent study from Pew Research centre has suggested that over 90 percent of adults in North America alone own or use a mobile phone, and 67 percent use a smartphone. Furthermore, 1.35 billion smartphones are expected to sell globally and 4G subscriber numbers are expected to exceed 10 million by the end of 2015…

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Choose your own Adventure: Future CSP Business Models

By: Jennifer Fellows

These are truly exciting times for communications service providers (CSPs). Their world is dramatically changing, pushing them to new levels and challenging their time-tested ways. There are many new adventures that they could choose. For a long time (or a long time in this industry, anyway) there was stable growth: voice revenues were still growing, SMS was a strong revenue stream and data usage was profitable without hurting the network. All the CSPs had to do was more of the same. But change is, of course, inevitable…

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Driving BYOD Adoption

By: Sonu Aggarwal

Today’s tech-savvy workforce has high expectations for mobile communications to conduct everyday business, and understandably so. With ubiquitous smartphones and tablets boasting “do-it-all” capabilities anywhere, anytime, mobile employees take it for granted that they should be able to do their jobs on-the-go with the same level of reliability and quality as their in-office counterparts. According to IMS Research, smartphone sales are expected to increase from 420 million worldwide in 2011 to more than 1 billion in 2016…

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Winning with Wi-Fi

By: Jesse Cryderman

When Wi-Fi first entered the marketplace, it was impossible to imagine that it would become what it is today. Communications service providers (CSPs), retail outlets, internet companies like Google, pureplay Wi-Fi providers like Boingo, and over the top (OTT) application providers like Skype are all in on the action now, as Wi-Fi moves from best effort to sometimes the best option. It's all about carrier grade now, and not the consumer stuff we're all used to. In fact, Wi-Fi can even be leveraged as a carrier signal for a new form of LTE called LTE-U, also known as Licensed Access Assist…

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The Disruptive Power of Business Intelligence

By: Jesse Cryderman

The ability to peer into the future has always captured the imagination of humanity. Religious texts recount the stories of prophets and prophecy. In medieval lore, powerful kings relied on soothsayers and tea leaf readers to provide a purported window into the future. Unsolved Mysteries, one of my favorite shows as a teen, often featured a story about a claimed clairvoyant who saved a town from calamity. Today, palm readers, crystal ball gazers, and tarot card interpreters are prevalent…

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Industry News - July 2015

By: Jesse Cryderman

The Internet of Things (IoT) is certain to bring millions of connected devices into our living rooms, cars, and personal lives, but service providers are still looking for bankable uses cases. One is the Nest, the "learning thermostat" that has really caught on. Frontier Communications is now offering the Nest with new high-speed internet accounts, perhaps signifying an IoT bundling trend. Frontier is offering the device to both new and current customers at a significant discount to customers of Frontier Secure, a digital life service offering…

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Letter from the Editor - July 2015

By: Tim Young

"If you aren't going all the way, why go at all?" - Joe Namath The communications landscape is changing. The communications landscape is always changing. The best communications service providers (CSPs)– the CSPs that survive– change with it. Whether through evolution or revolution, the best CSPs learn to roll with the punches and compete. These days, that means being agile enough to adjust while being grounded enough to weather the onslaught of competition and absorb the occasional miscalculation…

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