Supporting the New End to End Service Assurance World

A Service Assurance MoM shows all devices whether they are data centric or virtualized.

In addition, single source-code, Service Assurance MoMs have proven to be more valuable for retiring legacy management tools and pinpointing faults that inhibit the delivery of new applications and services because they bring an enhanced level of:

  • IoT Scalability -- An expanded, scale-out collection architecture that manages and enriches terabytes of metrics for a holistic, operational understanding of new devices communicating over the network. The improved, elastic nature of these enhancements allows a massive amount of new data to be introduced without interrupting the current flow above service metrics;
  • Real-time Topology -- New services and applications are only as good as their underlying protocols and interfaces used to deliver the service. Service Assurance MoMs are enhanced with the ability to peer deep into all the associated service delivery objects, understand the intricacies of their relationships to each other and the net service performance. Service Assurance MoM’s service level management provides the Key Quality Indicators (KQI) needed to assure service performance and customer satisfaction;
  • Data Flow Analysis -- As these large provider networks have grown, managers from Individual departments have been given autonomy to deploy their preferred network management platforms. Over time this has created gaps in the ability to visualize any inhibitors to end-to-end performance. To address this situation, Service Assurance MoMs have been enhanced with the ability to visualize and understand the data passing through all these individual networks by leveraging prominent flow technologies such as Netflow, IPFIX, and sFlow. This unified dashboard approach enables individual IT managers to still utilize their preferred network management platform of choice, while contributing to the overall status view of services; and
  • Interface to Fulfillment and Activation Systems -- Network change configuration has often caused heartache for network managers. All too often we have seen how a misconfigured routing table can bring down an entire network and jeopardize hundreds if not millions of dollars in lost services. MoMs are upgraded with new APIs following Representational State Transfer (REST) principles, to close the loop between service assurance and fulfillment and activation systems. This enhancement simplifies and reduces the cost of integration with provisioning or configuration management, because every aspect of product configuration is now handled with the API to support multi-tenancy, validation, auditing, and control.

Many of the tools that are used today by service providers have been stitched together from decades of point solution acquisitions in an attempt to provide a useful software platform. Look no further than EMC, IBM or Infovista to validate this statement. Integrating all these separate codes into a single unified solution is difficult and expensive at best. Single source-code MoMs represent a new, unified approach for data collection, normalization, enrichment, visualization and reporting. The net result provides one software solution with end-to-end visibility of the service infrastructure to increase business agility while reducing operations costs by more than 50 percent.

Conclusion - MoM Knows Best

A new generation of services demand a new generation of network management to ensure availability.  Single source-code Service Assurance MoMs meet this modern challenge by identifying where poor performance is impacting business, while enabling those who are delivering the service to address network issues faster, decrease SLA breaches and retain more customers.

Simply put: MoMs solve major service assurance challenges and allow these organizations to focus time and resources on key business goals--not on chasing down faults across a sea of trouble tickets. This approach offers holistic visibility into identifying the forest -- not merely individual trees -- for actionable intelligence to optimize nearly every form of service delivery. Take MoM’s advice: deploy the next generation of network management tools that ensure new service models are truly successful.


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