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In another intelligent network development, Nexar and Veniam have forged a strategic partnership to create real-time digital twins of the road, opening the door to new possibilities for the Internet of moving things.
expand Ooredoo's existing network, as well as introduce new 5G services. Deutsche Telekom has taken a leap forward in enabling hybrid 5G with the modern wireless standard 5G through a field test with an outdoor 5G receiver, the Speedport Smart 4 router. 

In 5G partnership news, DISH and FreedomFi, an open 5G networking company, will collaborate on a pilot program that may provide DISH's current and future wireless customers with access to the world's first community-driven, neutral host CBRS hotspot network. Verizon and Google Cloud are working together to advance 5G mobile edge computing to support real-time enterprise applications like autonomous mobile robots, intelligent logistics and factory automation.

Innovation and Transformation News

The Wireless Broadband Alliance announced results from a new field trial that highlight the benefits of using Low Power Indoor Wi-Fi 6E for a wide variety of demanding residential applications, including video collaboration for telecommuting, multiplayer gaming, augmented and virtual reality, streaming video and more. The US Department of Energy has chosen Hewlett Packard Enterprise to build a new supercomputer for its National Renewable Energy Laboratory to support ongoing R&D that will transform energy from geothermal, water, wind, solar, and fuels.

Innovation news also included key developments toward connected vehicles and smart transport. Waymo and electric vehicle brand Zeekr will collaborate on a new pure electric vehicle for deployment in the Waymo One autonomous ride-hailing fleet in the United States. Samsung unveiled an extensive lineup of cutting-edge automotive memory solutions designed for next-generation autonomous electric vehicles. They will be delivering server-class performance and capacity, new memory solutions to support complex processing of multimedia applications, and autonomous driving data. Toyota and Cerence will work together on a next-generation in-car experience to bring the power and intelligence of Internet search engines directly into Toyota and Lexus vehicles via their multimedia systems.

In Europe, T-Systems and Goal Systems have joined to accelerate public transport by supporting the digital transformation of providers for public passenger and freight transport. The goal is to enable the expansion of e-mobility, which holds promise to combat emissions and to realize more flexible transport systems. In another intelligent network development, Nexar and Veniam have forged a strategic partnership to create real-time digital twins of the road, opening the door to new possibilities for the Internet of moving things.

In other transformation news, MetTel will be working closely with global IT integrator SAIC to help government clients digitally transform their communications and IT infrastructure; the sector lags private markets in transformation initiatives.

Finally, a bit of innovation trends news. According to Ericsson’s latest Hot Consumer Trends report, consumers expect hybrid mall experiences to be common by 2030, made possible by a mix of connectivity-enabled technology integrated into real physical environments to enhance shopping and buying experiences.

AI & Analytics News

GoodData has released a report on the future of analytics. It reveals survey findings of business leaders' top analytics priorities in 2022 and beyond, as well as predictions of how the global tech industry will achieve its analytics goals moving forward. Key insights include cross-functional approaches to analytics and how composability enables business and IT alignment. Additional top data predictions for 2022 from Alluxio include running more diverse workloads on a wider variety of platforms across clouds and hybrid clouds as well as additional advances in AI, machine learning and analytic workloads, and technologies and services to support them. 

AI news included new product launches and developments. Iveda announced the launch of the next generation of VEMO, an AI body camera for face recognition, license plate recognition, object search and other AI functions. Uniquify unveiled AI and cloud technology to transform digital content for consumers for tailored, unique, and editable digital content to personalize the consumer experience.


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