Data-driven Service Providers: Still a Myth?

The mood of today’s customers can be summed up as, “Use data to serve me better. All others; go home."

Business benefits for a data-enabled service provider

By building a strong foundation and using the power of data, service providers can leverage multiple dimensions of their existing operations to extract a significant amount of as yet, untapped value. These include:

  • Enterprise experience management: leverage over hundreds of data points across care, service delivery, charging and network connectivity KPIs to improve their net promoter score and C-SAT for business and corporate customers.
  • Care and commerce journey analytics: helps service providers understand the patterns (“journeys”) that their user base is taking, and identify issues such as self-care dropout or repeat calls to the call center. This enables appropriate actions to be taken to increase first-call resolution (FCR), reduce average handling times (AHT), as well as to improve call deflection rates, self-care success and upsell opportunities in the online store.
  • Customer network care: provides the subscriber’s network information to the service representative in order to obtain a richer understanding of what is impacting the customer, and as a consequence, reduce AHT and improve FCR.
  • Proactive care: identifies and resolves issues before the customer seeks care, proactively guides customers to unassisted self-service channels to reduce care costs and identifies which customers are sensitive to unexpected charges that are likely drive inbound calls.
  • Dynamic micro-segmentation: allows marketing departments to understand their customer base in greater detail better than ever before, leveraging analytics and machine learning for more accurate customer profiling, ultimately leading to more targeted, automated and appropriate offers.
  • Next best offer: automatically recommends the most appropriate offer for every subscriber at any given time, in the context of that customer’s behavioral patterns and buying preferences.
  • Charging business analytics: uses charging data to gain a deeper understanding of which services their customers are consuming and identifies metrics such as how a recent campaign has performed or what trends are driving top-ups and data uptake.
  • Next best network investment: combines network RAN information with BSS and customer data to proactively help network planners align network investments to the areas that service their most important customers who suffer from a poor network experience.
  • Predictive maintenance: leverages analytics to understand which network components are trending into failure, in order to enable network teams to take proactive action to prevent outages and consequently avoid negative customer experiences.
  • Corporate network analytics for service operations: provides network service operations with a view of the customer experience from the customer’s perspective, with drill-down capabilities across multiple data sources to identify probable causes of customer-impacting issues.
  • Network policy analytics: closes the loop on network policies and the customer experience by measuring the impact of policy on subscribers and comparing the “planned” vs. “delivered” network service.

A new, emerging reality

The mood of today’s customers can be summed up as, “Use data to serve me better. All others; go home”.

The concept of the data-driven service provider is no longer a myth. In the quest to drive success, big data is now key to leveraging customer, network and operational data for maximum value. Indeed, the expression “big data analytics” has shifted from an industry buzz word and a “nice to have”, to a “must-have” capability, in order to remain competitive in the market place. Service providers who can get it right will claim a significant competitive advantage – with the ability to drive greater revenues and build a large base of loyal and satisfied customers.

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