Smarter Communication with Artificial Intelligence

By: Tim Young

Two and a half exabytes. That’s 2.5 billion GB, and by some estimates, it’s how much data is being generated every single day.It’s far too much for any human eye or mind to take in, and as pretty much every Big Data article written in the last decade or so will tell you, automation is necessary—even vital—for getting a handle on such a massive glut of information. The need for an automated response to complex data is one of the many forces driving an increased enthusiasm for artificial intelligence…

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Data-driven Service Providers: Still a Myth?

By: Srinivas Padmanabharao

Almost everyone who has been sailing and are interested in poetry will recall Samuel Coleridge’s, “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner,” in which he wrote “Water, Water everywhere; not a drop to drink.”.  To businesses swimming in oceans of data in today’s world, they can relate to that feeling as, “Data, data everywhere, not a byte I can use.” It is near impossible these days for anybody in the business world to not be overwhelmed with all the claims around the impact of big data and related analytics…

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The Limits of Big Data

By: Wedge Greene

A Particularly Hard Problem Big Data. What is it and what can we do with it? This is a practical imperative we must answer in our ICE business environment. We gather huge amounts of data because we can. Yet much of it may turn out to be of no value because we don’t know what questions to ask. This is unacceptable. So who do you need to hire and what tools do they need to use to bring value from Big Data? But to get these answers, I must ask you to take an intellectual walk with me… I was introduced to the current market trend of Big Data analysis almost 10 years ago when a fledgling startup asked us for help creating a value message for their company…

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Putting Big Data to Work for MVNOs

By: Andy Peers

The retail MVNO is an established marketing and branding tool. The mobile home-screen has always been a valuable piece of brand real estate, a chance to put a logo in front of the customer on an hourly basis. Today, however, there is plenty of competition for brand equity, and the demonstrable financial value of that logo is diminishing. If the only other time the consumer sees a logo is on their bill, it is perhaps time to re-assess what branded mobile can – and should – do. Smart MVNOs are moving away from prepay and its declining revenues: the rise of the ubiquitous, do-it-all smartphone has made sure of that…

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On-demand Roaming in the Digital Age

By: Bobby Srinivasan

Exploring the world has never been easier. More people with connected mobile devices are traveling globally than ever before and the global travel industry is now worth 1.5 trillion US dollars. According to the ITB Academy, travel will grow by percent in 2016 with over 1.13 billion projected international travelers, and this figure is growing at a healthy rate of 6 percent annually. The corresponding number for domestic trips is several orders of magnitude higher! Technology has made it possible to explore distant destinations not via picture postcards but through instant virtual and augmented reality - available anytime through mobile connected devices…

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Migration to SDN Requires Flexible Testing Solutions for the Data Plane

By: Daniel Gonzalez

Software Defined Networks (SDNs) are simplifying network management. As operators migrate from traditional environments to SDN, however, they must be aware of potential service disruptions, lower client quality of service (QoS) and other issues. Testing, while always important, takes on an even greater role during this transitional stage, particularly at the data plane level where operator revenue is generated. Operators need to test a variety of client signals over the data plane and while the tests – QoS, traffic generation, etc…

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Perfecting your Supply Chain with Asset Management

By: Cosmin Stejerean

When Yvonne Sabatini, Director of Sourcing and Logistics at XO Communications, was recognized for establishing a “Best in Class” Supply Chain at XO Communications, it came with one caveat; she needed Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM), to close out that last mile and give her true visibility, insight, and control of her assets from end-to-end. The stakes were high for XO because of their massive (and growing) critical infrastructure. With a 20,000 route-mile national inter-city network, 1…

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Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger - Leveraging Big Data

By: Dennis Landscheidt

When it comes to business, sometimes bigger is better. And to get bigger you need better revenues, faster processes, stronger profits, more customers, larger products, or harder working employees… you get the picture. All of this ambitious big thinking results in one thing: Big Data.Big data doesn’t have to be a burden; it’s an opportunity. Big data can arm companies with individual data points, produced on a daily basis, that can be leveraged by executives to inform decisions that will help them reach their growth goals, whatever they may be…

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Letter from the Editor - September 2016

By: Tim Young

“Little drops of water, Little grains of sand, Make the mighty ocean And the pleasant land.”“Little Things” (1845)by Julia Abigail Fletcher Carney Forty-four zettabytes. That’s how much data we, as a species here on earth, will have accrued by 2020, according to an IDC prediction made more than two years ago. And according to an attempt by Cisco to give a little perspective on the scale of a ZB a few years ago, if the 11oz coffee on your desk is a gigabyte, a zettabyte would have the volume of the Great Wall of China…

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Telecom Industry News - September 2016

By: Jim Schakenbach

Even as summer winds down, the news across the telecommunications industry continues to be hot, with the FCC back in the headlines, consumer threats continuing to make news, and the evolving relationship between telecommunications and television. FCC activity heats up There was a lull in Federal Communications Commission action during the early, lazy days of summer, but things got a little more active in August. The Commission announced it had reached a Wi-Fi router investigation settlement with TP-Link…

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