Live and In-Person: Your Guide to
The SCTE® Cable-Tec Expo® 2022

By: Mark Dzuban

The Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE), a subsidiary of CableLabs®, is pulling out all the stops for SCTE® Cable-Tec Expo® 2022, which will take place live, onsite, and in real life for the first time since 2019. Next month, the City of Brotherly Love will be hosting the annual marquee event for the industry we love, and the excitement to reunite in person with colleagues and competitors from around the world has been heating up all summer. Expo 2022 offers the unique opportunity to preview the emerging technologies and applications transforming the industry…

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The Future of 5G Innovation

By: Chantel Cary, Shirin Esfandiari

Thanks to new and evolving technologies like automation, IoT, augmented reality, drones, artificial intelligence and 5G connectivity, industries from construction and engineering, utilities, and manufacturing to communications, automotive and state and local government have new opportunities to address their toughest business challenges. For these reasons, the Oracle Industry Lab was launched outside of Chicago as an incubator and testing ground where customers, prospects, and partners can explore solutions that bring 5G and other transformative technologies to life…

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Disaggregation: The Foundation
for Agile Networks

By: Prakash Siva

The demand for more broadband in our hyper-connected world is not slowing down, and service providers are increasingly turning to network disaggregation to leverage a multi-vendor ecosystem, drive down costs, and accelerate digital services innovation. This article will look at how disaggregation drives network agility with increased service velocity and automation. It will also dive into the importance of increased agile development and the role of systems integrators. The challenge for today’s communications service providers For more than a decade, communications service providers (CSPs) have made huge capital investments in deploying 3G and 4G technology, and they are now in the middle of rolling out their 5G and broadband networks…

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Security Where Needed
with Cloud-Managed SASE

By: Renuka Nadkarni

With digital transformation, users and applications are anywhere, and the traditional network and location-based design architecture is obsolete. Users require flexibility with hybrid workforce and applications delivered as-a-service or across multiple clouds. The technology around access control, threat protection, and authorization must evolve to this new paradigm. At the same time, enterprises are looking for agility—fast provisioning of applications along with the corresponding network, security, and observability…

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Gaining the Edge in Emerging Markets

By: David Xie

Internet consumption has been on an upward trajectory since its inception, and the pandemic accelerated this momentum at a rate none of us could have predicted. Although digital transformation is global, Internet penetration rates in emerging markets have far surpassed those in developed economies such as North America and Europe. For example, in North America, the number of Internet users grew from 273 million in 2011 to 348 million in 2021. Comparatively, the number of Internet users in Asia increased from 1 billion to 2…

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The Bandwidth Conundrum:
Smart Devices and Connection Speeds

By: Jason Moore

Connection speeds in the UK and Ireland are up more than 150 percent in the last few years, so why are so many customers dissatisfied with their bandwidth when access to data has never been faster? As it turns out, the number of devices in a typical British or Irish home has increased to the point where in-home connection speeds are being negatively affected. It isn’t simply a case of more devices leading to connection lags. Rather, as more devices become connected (or “smart”) inside a consumer’s home, not only are there more points of failure, but also as new products and services move into the home, devices are constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s needed from the Wi-Fi network…

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Bringing Agility to Data Center Infrastructure

By: Lucas Beran

Data center physical infrastructure (DCPI) manufacturers are increasingly citing labor inefficiencies in data center construction, pressuring margins and inhibiting product shipments. Whether caused by COVID lockdowns or disruptions related to supply chains, new data center construction and modernization work now requires additional site visits to complete projects. Thus, already complex and congested construction schedules must be modified, ultimately leading to delays and extra work for everyone involved…

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The Bring Your Own Carrier Strategy

By: Peter Neal

Though Bring Your Own Carrier (or BYOC) is not a novel concept, it continues to grow in popularity as organizations of all sizes move to the cloud due to the explosion of cloud-based providers, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Cisco WebEx. For businesses with a hosted UCaaS (unified communications as a service), contact center solution or both, BYOC allows them to use their preferred voice carrier instead of the one their provider bundles with its communications platform. In essence, BYOC gives companies the freedom to choose the provider that best meets their specific needs regarding costs, reliability and services…

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Transforming Enterprise IT
with On-Demand Connectivity

By: Ihab Mahna, David Pollington

Agility in the provision of cloud resources like AWS, GCP, and Azure and application development on mobile devices has created a multibillion-dollar consumer app business. Modern enterprise apps targeting new revenue opportunities, cost efficiency, automation and resiliency now require similar agility, and not only from the cloud but also from connectivity. In particular, the trend toward automation in Industry 4.0 sectors such as smart manufacturing, warehousing, mining, and ports is driving increased demand for connectivity that is high performance but also more configurable to support rapid application development and evolution…

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Navigating the Telco Bureaucracy

By: Mark Marinelli

With growing inflation and tightening budgets in the United States, consumers and businesses alike need to save money however they can. One place people are starting to look at tightening their budgets is within their monthly phone plans. For years, the process of finding a new phone or telecom plan has been riddled with complexity for consumers. The gauntlet that customers are forced to navigate just to switch phones or plans is enough of a hassle to make them passively accept wireless plans that are ill-fitted to their needs…

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Letter from the Editor - Digital Agility

By: Scott St. John, Pipeline

The world has become a cornucopia of chaos for many companies as a smattering of new technologies, innovations, opportunities, and risks have emerged. Each of them requiring a cumbersome evaluation, followed by rigorous development, testing, and deployment. Afterwards, every newly adopted technology must be monitored, maintained, measured, and kept secure. The challenge is balancing a macro-level view while maintaining a keen focus at a microscopic level. Seeing both the forest and the trees, and even the tiniest green shoots on the forest floor…

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Technology Industry News

By: Jara Kern, Pipeline

In a rapidly changing world, it’s never been more important to be able to quickly enable, update, change, or adapt the business processes, tools and software behind the technology that connects us. The digital agility imperative has been our focus all month—and in this issue. We’ve tracked the news headlines on innovation, partnerships, IoT connectivity, network optimization, and more that highlight advances in and newsworthy updates on digital agility. The top technology industry news stories from the month are summarized below…

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