Why Operators Must Simplify Network Configuration

Tail-f’s NCS is a model driven product that leverages standard protocols for network configuration and service and network element modeling.

Tail-f NCS--The Tail-f Systems product is an extensible network abstraction layer that easily fits into existing OSS/BSS systems or workflow applications through standard interfaces. The goal of the offering is to be up and running within a week of deployment using existing interfaces already familiar to operations.  Many customers start by initially using the product to provide a multi-vendor CLI to manage the configuration of existing network elements such Cisco, Juniper, Ericsson and NSN in one unified interface. As operations becomes more familiar with the power of Tail-f's NCS product, the additional northbound and southbound interfaces can easily be implemented. 

Network Consistency--Tail-f’s Computer Science approach to network provides a logical method to reduce complexity by insisting on fail-safe transactions. As a result of this approach, Tail-f's NCS maintains a valid and accurate image of all network element configurations deployed in the network. Using this valid image, Tail'f's NCS can reconcile with the existing inventory database. Tail-f's NCS built-in automation toolkit speeds up the process of deploying new network services. Automation replaces the ad hoc manual configurations that are error prone and often result in service failures. The toolkit reduces the complexity of managing large complicated networks and enables new services to be quickly deployed without the stress of worrying about network consistency during the multiple-step provisioning and activation process.

Highly Flexible, Future Proof--Tail-f’s NCS is a model driven product that leverages standard protocols for network configuration and service and network element modeling. Standards are becoming widely used and endorsed by leading network equipment providers in part as a response to CSPs demand for easier programmability of the network or software-defined networking (SDN). Leveraging these standards enables the product to be used in a wide variety of services and network elements. This applies to any services that can be defined in a configuration workflow. Most new network services can be modeled within a week. Tail-f’s NCS can manage any element that can be configured remotely, including cloud (virtual machines/hypervisors) making it truly multi-vendor. Models of new network elements can be modeled within two weeks. Tail-f’s NCS offers pre-built models but provides an extensible framework.

Business Benefits
  • Increased quality of service--reduced outages or downtime as a result of configuration mistakes
  • Reduction in operating expenditures--significantly less staff required 
  • Increased service velocity--reduction in complexity and automation of the service and network element configuration can speed time to new services
  • Increased freedom from specific technical competencies and vendor lock-in


Competitive pressures continue to escalate and new alternatives must be found. Tail-f believes that the logical model-driven approach to simplification of network configuration management offers a dramatic reduction in operational expenditures while also improving service velocity and operational excellence thereby increasing revenue. 


This article is sponsored by Tail-f Systems.

About Tail-f Systems: Tail-f Systems is the leading provider of configuration management and network automation software. Service Providers use Tail-f’s technology to quickly integrate powerful network abstraction layers to their OSS systems and benefit by bringing network services to market faster and more reliably. Seven of the ten largest global networking equipment providers are Tail-f Systems’ customers.Network Equipment Providers use Tail-f’s software to build on-device management systems and EMS/NMS platforms in less time and with differentiated capabilities. Tail-f Systems is one of Stratecasts’ 2012 Global OSS/BSS 10 to Watch Companies and a Red Herring Top 100 company. See


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