Can Intelligent Data Fuel Next-Generation Telco Revenues?

Data that reveals a customer’s needs and preferences is a new kind of gold.

Automation and innovation

Intelligent data, when leveraged correctly, will build brand loyalty. For example, if CSPs see that one customer is using a lot of data to run Pandora or Spotify, the CMO could arrange a partnership with a local venue and offer discounted tickets to the customer on upcoming events. Or if Netflix is a popular activity every Saturday night, CMOs can create a campaign that offers a special “Movie Night” package. By carefully aligning campaigns with network usage – and coordinating those efforts between CMOs, CIOs and CTOs – CSPs can generate new kinds of revenue while building personal, emotionally-connected relationships with customers at the same time.

Data that reveals a customer’s needs and preferences is a new kind of gold. OTT providers and other competitors won’t have the same insight. CSPs that learn how to use their support systems to transform Big Data into intelligent data and run smarter commercial and technical operations are the companies that will reduce churn and improve competitiveness against OTT providers.

Incentivizing customers with seamless deployments and custom-tailored packages is the way to finally differentiate the brand beyond price point. CSPs already have the data necessary for these kinds of offers. With OSS/BSS consolidation, CRM modernization, SDN and NFV rollout and improved automation, it’ll be possible to make use of it.


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