Accessing the Blackbox for Nextgen Networks

There are many SON solutions on the market, but most are like a black box and only provide some of the potential functionality to service providers.

Operators see these benefits and are adopting SON for both optimization and operations automation. As an example, one of the largest SON integrations undertaken to date will use 13 of our modules to standardize and optimize a multi-technology, multi-vendor network of 800,000 2G, 3G and LTE cells in a tier one operator in Russia. One of our customers in Albania has been using six SON modules, including the Energy Saving module—achieving a gain of four percent in energy cost efficiency.

A tier one operator in Portugal has started to maximize its performance by implementing Unified NMS, which is vital for ensuring that the different technologies do not interfere with each other for its 2G, 3G and 4G network. It has plans to use further Innovile SON modules in future.

A task which previously required a team of experienced engineers trained on specific vendor platforms can now be completed by one single engineer, saving considerable resources and time.

Another example would be for a CSP to change the release version of its operational support system (OSS). Such an upgrade usually takes a long time because of the need to adopt internal tools and train engineers, but the Unified NMS platform makes it possible in two or three weeks, adapting the system so it is ready for the new release.

SON has been under development for many years, but the complexity of the transition from 4G to 5G and the need to optimize to improve the cost base is driving its adoption now. There are many SON solutions on the market, but most are like a black box and only provide some of the potential functionality to service providers. 

Our approach has been to work with service providers to support them in their introductions of upcoming technologies. We provide our solution as an open platform with all the parameters, KPIs and thresholds included and the flexibility to enable providers to set whatever values they require.

A further limitation with many SON systems is that they don’t provide an environment in which service providers can create their own scenarios. Our approach is to provide an environment that makes it simple and fast for service providers to create their own scenarios and achieve more benefits from their SON platform.

It’s time to go beyond the black box and make all the capabilities available to operators as they struggle to optimize and manage their operations in a cost-effective way, to face the huge challenges of deploying 5G against a backdrop of dwindling profits.


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