Achieving CX Nirvana

“We understand our customer’s pain, because we have felt their pain,” added Wagner. “We have walked in their shoes..."

The final phases are service activation and the launch of the consumer portal (Enterprise, SMB, consumer). These enable customers and end-users to purchase real-time, on-demand services like activation and provisioning of the network elements. Wagner illustrated with an example: “It can be as granular as turning up bandwidth for two of your sites, for three hours, and then turning it back down—and paying for only the time you need.” This can also extend to configuring SD-WAN, firewall and IoT devices directly through the platform.

This level of agility is a game-changer. As an orchestration engine, Acumen360 allows service providers to leverage existing capabilities into a multitude of service packages for specific use cases and make them available for ordering—the essence of the network-as-a-service approach. In addition, this agility drives much more rapid product development and launch, cutting delivery time in some instances from weeks to same-day or real-time.

And it’s all done with the complexities of the service provider world and CX in mind. CloudSmartz’s roots are steeped in telecom experience. Former telecom leaders head it with a deep understanding of how software automation works within telecom networks.

“We understand our customer’s pain, because we have felt their pain,” added Wagner. “We have walked in their shoes and understand their challenges and built Acumen360 with them and their customers in mind.”

Acumen360’s phased approach spans a three- to six-month deployment timeframe, instantly realizing some benefits and cost savings. Compare that with the traditional timeline of a year or longer, costing millions of dollars, for legacy overhaul—and it’s easy to see how the platform puts digital transformation and CX nirvana quickly within reach for service providers. And service providers don’t have to rip, replace, or integrate hundreds of systems to unlock transformation. With Acumen360 sitting on top of all systems, service providers can more quickly create new agile service offerings and instantly monetize them through one-click commerce to clients and their end customers. This is a faster, surer path to growing next-generation services business amid the intense pressures of a dynamic industry.

Realizing CX ROI

The connection between services growth and the bottom line is clear, but there’s an additional layer to consider in how quickly service providers will realize return on investment.

Understanding it requires delving into the difference between monetary ROI and CX ROI—and how they are linked. Monetary ROI is driven by increased efficiency—made possible through automation—and revenue from new, agile service offerings, with a typical breakeven of three to five months from deployment. CX ROI is achieved through reduced churn, improved response time, faster time to revenue, and shorter time to resolution, many of which can be more immediately realized.

The link between them is the service provider’s brand. Better CX improves the brand, especially in a digital-first world with very little between the customer and the brand— with high expectations for performance. As Wagner explained, “Acumen360 bridges monetary and CX ROI, and brand enablement is integral to that."

There will always be value in legacy, but it’s not where the world is headed, even if it does still make a terrific cup of coffee. To thrive, service providers must create new revenue opportunities while also driving down (or slowing down) internal costs. Those that meet this challenge while also enabling a next-level digital experience will be best positioned to succeed.  If you’d like to learn more, you can automatically book a meeting with CloudSmartz through Pipeline’s business introduction service, or visit the CloudSmartz website to learn more about Acumen360 and how it helps service providers digitize operations,  drive revenue generation, and achieve CX Nirvana.


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