Adopting an Agile Methodology to Drive Innovation

By: Chris Brown

Today’s large enterprises face continuous disruption from fast moving startups entering their industries. We see this across cloud computing, telecommunications, workplace management, and more. Customers have evolved in this digital era, where high expectations of quality and rapid response times to deploy new propositions or improve their business operations are ever increasing. In order to meet this evolving customer demand, large B2B providers need to be able to develop innovative products in a quick time frame…

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Lite-speed: Agile Models for Reducing Time to Market

By: Tim Young

As I write this, the Olympic games are still upon us, and the communications analogies to choose from are seemingly endless. We all can think of (and forgive my mostly USA-centric perspective here) carriers who are dominant like Michael Phelps, tiny and agile like Simone Biles, or lightning-fast like Usain Bolt (there! A non-U.S. example!). We can also think of some that are incredibly strong, like Georgia’s Lasha Talakhadze, who set a new world record in the over 105kg weightlifting division by hoisting a staggering 473 total kilos—215 on the snatch and 258 on the clean and jerk…

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Machine Learning and Meta-Clouds Next for Cloud Services

By: Cliff Grossner, Ph.D.

Innovation in cloud services ushers in a new era for data center IT, re-defining market landscapes Enterprises are migrating applications to the cloud to improve agility and reap cost savings. Agility means enterprises can shorten the time needed to introduce new applications and either increase or decrease compute capacity to fit business need. Upfront capital expenditures (capex) can be shifted to as-needed operating expenditures (opex) using off-premises cloud services — shifting from investments in equipment and staff, to leveraging a cloud service provider’s (CSP’s) automated data center infrastructure, supported by highly-skilled data center experts…

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PayTV and OTT: From us vs. them to better together

By: Brian Shepard

The digital revolution is completely transforming the content viewing experience of both today’s and tomorrow’s consumer. The emergence of streaming services has shaken up the media landscape and poses both a threat and an opportunity to traditional content service providers. Streaming service offerings enable consumers to binge-watch shows like Game of Thrones in their location of choice as soon as the entire series releases on Netflix – as opposed to the more traditional viewing experience where loyal viewers tune in on a weekly basis to watch a show (and all of the commercials in between) – while glued to the living room couch…

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Agile Language Partners

By: Wedge Greene, Trevor Hayes

If an organization is able to perform its everyday routine tasks predictably well, then it has more bandwidth to predict, plan and adjust to changing large-scale factors. Too many ICE organizations use up their human intellectual resources and run out of stamina just handling everyday problems such as on-boarding new customers, customer queries and complaints, network outages, inter-carrier disputes and human resources meltdowns - this despite having tens of thousands of employees. Artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and process automation are now in a position to take over many tasks that employees do today…

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Bridging the Gap between Virtual and Physical Infrastructure Management Silos

By: Chia-Chee Kuan

Application performance is critical to business performance, and data center managers are tasked with optimizing application performance to the fullest. However, application servers are typically provisioned with virtualized compute, storage and network resources, and the ever-increasing challenge to data center IT operations teams is the ability to grasp virtual infrastructure’s impact on application performance. Virtualization management teams simply do not have the real-time visibility required to ensure that application performance is optimized and well supported by data center virtual infrastructure and the underlying physical resources…

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Open Standards and Open Source

By: Elizabeth Rose

The traditional means of innovating the mobile network has been through the thoughtful and consensus-based efforts of technologists working in a standards setting environment.  However, the maturation of the Internet as an application platform and the related rise of Internet-enabled device and service providers, especially on the Web, have helped renew a focus on innovation and differentiation.  The development of 5G networks and the Internet of Things (IoT) will employ a process likely to be dominated by agile development of technology and platform prototypes often in Open Source, collaborative projects, which put a premium on "code first"…

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The Digital Revolution

By: Rob Chamberlin

The digital revolution is changing how we do business, requiring a new class of mobile data services that meet today’s business needs. Introduction In just a few years there will be over 20 billion networked devices around the world. At least half of these will be mobile-connected, producing more than 24 exabytes of mobile data traffic each month. These eye-popping statistics that help illustrate today’s wireless device revolution, and how it is changing both mobile subscriber habits and the network services they rely on…

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Monthly News Digest

By: Jim Schakenbach

The summer is all but behind us, but there are no telecommunications doldrums in sight. The big news in July began with Ericsson’s CEO Hans Vestberg suddenly stepping down, temporarily replaced by company CFO Jan Frykhammar. The company released a statement from the Board of Directors in which board chairman Leif Johanssan said, "Hans Vestberg has led the company for seven years through significant industry and company transformation. Hans has been instrumental in building strong relationships with key customers around the world and his leadership and energy have been an inspiration to employees and leaders across Ericsson…

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Letter from the Editor

By: Tim Young

"A força sem a destreza Ă© uma simples massa.” (“Strength without agility is simply mass.")  -  Fernando Pessoa, The Book of Disquiet Maybe it’s a by-product of growing up in a blue-collar family. Maybe it’s too many Rocky movies. (Rocky III has always been my favorite. (I know the original is a classic, but as opponents go, Carl Weathers is no Mr. T.) Maybe it’s just too many helpings of the American mythos, captured most recently in Broadway smash Hamilton: “How does a ragtag volunteer army in need of a showerSomehow defeat a global superpower?How do we emerge victorious from the quagmire?Leave the battlefield waving Betsy Ross’ flag higher?” (Spoiler altert: they had help from the French…

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