Rebuilding on the Fly: NFV meets OSS/BSS

By: Tim Young

The city I call home—a mid-sized city in the southeastern US—is bisected by a stretch of freeway that dates back to the Eisenhower presidency. For decades, it was a stretch of I-40, the third-longest interstate highway in the country, which stretches more than 2,500 miles from Barstow, California to Wilmington, NC. A bypass opened a quarter-century ago and claimed most of the I-40 through-traffic from this particular stretch of roadway, but it remains heavily traveled, skirting the downtown core and connecting the city’s most populous neighborhoods and shopping districts…

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Closing the Loop: Service Assurance and Topology

By: Leo Zancani

Increased automationis broader than just NFVThe underlying technology theme for Network Function Virtualisation is increased automation. Peel away the layers of detail, and the argument for NFV is easy to grasp: virtualization enables an increased degree of automation in your network and service operations. This in turn enables a corresponding increase in the automation of business processes surrounding the network and therefore reduces overall operating costs – especially the costs associated with changes such as roll out of new services…

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The Networking Mind Shift - Keeping Pace in Today's Transformational Era

By: Jean Turgeon

Imagine a visually impaired individual walking down the street, using wearables to get a live description of their surroundings, provided through analytics delivered by sensors in her shoes, in unison with a camera embedded in their clothes, tied to city video surveillance system, in addition to google maps. Then, imagine this individual getting into a self-driving car and being driven safely to her destination. This scenario is not as far in the future as you might think. Automation sophistication will soon reach new levels, and today we’re already seeing incredible advancements in health and remote patient monitoring, artificial intelligence, robotics, automotive, energy, and so much more…

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The Future of OSS and Orchestration

By: Mark Cummings, Ph.D.

There has been a lot attention directed to future OSS (Operation Support Systems) and Network and Service Orchestration Systems.  Some argue that OSS will evolve to encompass the orchestration function, while others argue that orchestration will take over the functions now performed by OSS.  We will examine the current situation with OSS in Telcos and how orchestration interacts with them.  The analysis will show that, most likely, neither of these extreme positions is correct.  The way the human body works is a good model that shows the synergistic relationship between them…

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Putting Solution Provider Profitability on Auto Drive: Myth or Reality?

By: Melissa Borza

Digital transformation profitability: more than new technologies It is a daunting task to create these complex IT solutions, but CSP senior management and procurement face an even more important challenge—to optimize deal profitability and manage their supply chain. Today, if any deal profitability analyses are done at all, they are time-consuming manual, spreadsheet-based processes that piece together ever-changing order and compliance criteria from numerous data sources. Throughout the pre- to post-sales lifecycle the processes are arduous, unsystematic, and therefore error-prone…

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Actionable Business Insights: Boon to Telecom CFOs

By: Srinath Srinivasan

The telecom world is changing drastically where operators are becoming Digital Service Providers (DSPs), and moving away from being seen as traditional Communication service providers (CSPs). But on their road to this transformation, telecom operators are hindered by a multitude of challenges, ranging from decreasing ARPUs, increasing competition from within the industry and through the proliferation of OTT players, increasing customer expectations, and the list goes on. Moreover, telcos are also challenged with the fact that technology cycles, such as moving from 3G to 4G and 4G to 5G, are becoming shorter, which in turn is leading to an increase in CAPEX…

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Digital Transformation Has Opened New Doors to Telecom Fraud, and Machine Learning is Coming to the Rescue

By: Joao Resende

The digital transformation is creating tremendous opportunities for service providers, whether you are talking about traditional communication services or new digital services. New technologies, new devices and even new business models are reshaping the world service providers live in.  But it also creates new opportunities for fraud and revenue leakage; hurting carriers’ bottom lines - and their reputations. According to the 2015 CFCA Fraud Loss Survey, Telecom Fraud is a nearly US$4OB annual business…

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Seven Steps Toward Comprehensive IoT Services

By: Wojciech Martyniak

Consider this description of Mark Twain - humorist, publisher, author of one of the “Great American Novels”…and Internet visionary. If the last claim seems rather outlandish, then consider this: In 1898 he published a short story about a crime surrounding a new device called the Telelectroscope. This technology rendered the “daily doings of the globe… visible to everybody, and audibly discussable, too, by witnesses separated by any number of leagues.” In short, Twain envisioned a connected world, one that is now a reality…

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EMBRACING DIGITAL: Why Market Leaders Implement Catalog-Driven Agile B/OSS

By: Catherine Michel

Major trends are disrupting the communications industry today: the Internet of Everything (IoE), mobile device technology and apps, cloud computing, NFV/SDN, information growth and security. Tomorrow, it will be another list. Companies are operating in what is now a continually changing digital world, one that demands a modern approach to executing new business models in record time. Many communications service providers (CSPs) around the globe, however, are not yet making the changes necessary to regularly embrace digital innovation and be market-leading digital service providers (DSPs)…

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Letter from the Editor

By: Tim Young

"We are stuck with technology when what we really want is just stuff that works." - Douglas Adams Pipeline began life as an OSS magazine back when that meant a little bit more and was more relevant to the communications landscape we all faced. We're talking 2004 here, and for as recent as that feels, technology sure has moved a considerable distance in that time.And we moved with it. A laser-like OSS focus gave way to an OSS/BSS angle, as the border between "O" and "B" felt less and less distinct…

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Telecom Industry News - May 2017

By: Jim Schakenbach

April saw a lot of activity on a number of telecommunication fronts, especially in virtualization, 4G build-out, and security issues. Carriers, developers, and enterprise users all discovered that virtualization could be a critical key to fast, efficient system and network implementation and scaling. ADVA Optical Networking launched its new FSP 150 ProVMe solution specifically engineered to remove the risk of introducing virtualization and to help CSPs easily and cost-effectively roll out network functions virtualization (NFV)…

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