Top 5 Security Innovators to Watch

By: Scott St. John, Pipeline

These are uncertain times. Uncertainty creates fear, and fear breeds more uncertainty. It can feel like an unending cycle, where the very definition of the word security is under attack. Between the global COVID-19 pandemic, sporadic civil unrest, unpredictable changes to the world order, ongoing tension between nation-states, and the advent of the new life-from-home scenario, it has been tough on virtually every level. To make matters worse, we are under constant attack, every minute of every day, and you may not even know it…

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The Future of IoT Security: Secure by Design

By: Rob Spiger

IoT security is becoming an imperative. By 2021, it is forecast that 35 billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices will be installed worldwide, a number expected to grow to over 75 billion by 2025, according to Security Today. The IoT revolution will increase the number of computing devices by orders of magnitude. However, these devices will be built from the same imperfect software that we use today, and manual remediation will be much less practical or even unfeasible due to devices being too numerous, too inaccessible, or simply lacking a suitable interface…

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End-to-end Resilience for the Evolving Network

By: Simon Pincus

There’s a plausible future we can all envision. Consumers everywhere will be looking for unnoticeable latency and instant gratification as they work remotely, stream their favorite shows via higher resolution formats, or access immersive experiences through mediums like AR and VR. And all around, there will be a buzz of data-intensive IoT technology at work, such as self-driving vehicles, smart city infrastructure and sophisticated AI-driven devices. All of this will be powered by edge infrastructure, including remote offices and cell towers, and a rise in 5G to handle the traffic…

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The COVID Effect on Internet Quality of Experience

By: Amir Kotler

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, a flood of news sources has testified to the rise in the use of video conferencing, online gaming, movie streaming and other Internet services in the home. The use of these technologies has affected the quality of experience of home Internet. A recent survey of Veego software agents residing in home routers provides data to analyze the trends in problems that users are facing as they consume more and more Internet services at home. Recognizing the sudden uptick in home Internet usage, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issued home network tips for the coronavirus pandemic…

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The Critical Risk at the Edge

By: Ian Hood

The stunning growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) is resulting in a digital revolution across all industries. Expansion is accelerating. According to Gartner, there will be more than 5.8 billion endpoints deployed by the end of this year. Unsecured IoT devices continue to flood the market, increasing the attack surface of service provider networks. With the growing number of devices that are autonomously roaming across networks along with the rising volume of data breaches, the need for security by design is even more crucial…

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Smart City Cyber War Games

By: Mark Cummings, Ph.D., William Yeack, CSE

Economic, social, and technological pressures are moving us to smart cities. If the world follows a common technology implementation path of focusing on capability, and only on security as an afterthought, the world could get into serious trouble. People in Australia recognized the potential for this possibility and have started an interesting approach, a cooperative effort between government and industry to model and test smart cities. The Australian experience is very instructive. There may be other approaches developed to plan and test smart city use cases (applications, devices, and more)…

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The Third Wave in Cybersecurity

By: Aimei Wei

Cybersecurity advances come in waves, and the waves of the past few years have revolved around data collection and incorporating AI technology as a means of sifting through that data. But as cybersecurity tools proliferate, it’s clear that data collection and AI are not enough. Security analysts must monitor a dozen or more different consoles to inspect traffic across their entire attack surface, and they miss complex attacks that consist of seemingly innocuous events reported by several different tools…

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Combatting COVID Fraud Risks

By: Stu Bradley, Sundeep Tengur

The telecommunications industry, much like its banking and financial services counterparts, is amid a period of turmoil. The impacts of the novel coronavirus have led to an economic downturn, which experts anticipate will have greater impacts than 2008’s financial crisis. Arson attacks on 5G masts have grabbed headlines, but less visible fraud attacks on communications service providers (CSPs) have potential for more significant long-term damage. Airtime abuse, subscription fraud, and other schemes cost CSPs an estimated $28…

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Letter from the Editor: Bridging Risk

By: Scott St. John, Pipeline

The future is brought to you by Pfizer - and also maybe Moderna. On Monday, November 9th at 6:45AM US Eastern time, the pharmaceutical giant announced 90 percent efficacy of its COVID-19 vaccine, developed in collaboration with BioNTech, from its Phase-3 study which encompassed over 40,000 people. One week later, Moderna announced the 94.5 percent efficacy of its COVE vaccine, notably with far fewer participants (less than 100) and more questionable production capabilities.However, both vaccines are planned to be available to the public as early as the spring of 2021 – and will be available for emergency use and other scenarios even earlier…

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Telecom Industry News

By: Scott St. John, Pipeline

Industry news surrounding innovation, network evolution and 5G advancements flooded in from around the globe this month. In the US, the Federal Communications Commission had a busy month as it worked to free more mid-band spectrum for 5G deployment, modernized toll-free calling billing, and announced qualified applicants for spectrum in the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund. Deployments, strategic alliances, and breakthroughs on 5G technology, networks, and use cases made news headlines worldwide. Amid the 5G hype, talk of 6G is percolating as the Next Generation Mobile Networks Board releases its vision for the technology, and NASA has tapped Nokia to build and deploy the first mobile network on the moon…

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