Wi-Fi Wireless Trends 2015: The New Network

Small cells will be yet another driver of Wi-Fi simply because the majority of small cells will include Wi-Fi capabilities.

Trend #10: Smarter Wi-Fi offload

Wi-Fi offloading will become more sophisticated in 2015, with traffic steering allowing the devices to connect to Wi-Fi only when conditions are optimal.

It will be policies and not the device’s unconditional love for Wi-Fi that will determine whether or not the device will connect to Wi-Fi. In its simplest forms, there can be policies per location and time-of-day (rush hour traffic) but there will also be more dynamic policies measuring the status in the 3G/4G and Wi-Fi networks in real-time and make policy decisions based on this.

Wi-Fi will simply become one equal network in the heterogeneous network concept, where the main focus stays on providing the best possible service experience and performance to the end-user, regardless of network.


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