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Carma is currently developing Remote Eyes™, which is in beta with a customer now, to provide insights using augmented reality (AR) and live video that builds bridges between operations and customers.
the Carma functionality built in. Through this SaaS transformation, Carma has made carrier-grade functionality accessible for all service providers and organizations, large and small, that are acquiring and managing networks for business operations.

Accelerating innovation

In our rapidly changing world, CRM has quickly become the heart of the enterprise. To meet today’s demands, handle complexity, and innovate, organizations must be able to instantly understand at a granular level the operations and engineering functions. It’s what drives day-to-day business: what’s going on with the outside plant, inside plant, logical services, power and more.

Carma’s innovation in B/OSS creates a marriage between the foundational network inventory—such as power, circuits, cards, ports and more—and the foundational enterprise operations to give telecoms the ability to operate with agility and efficiency to drive growth. Through its Microsoft integration, Carma leverages these functionalities and extends them to Dynamics CRM, Azure, Outlook, Oracle, SharePoint, ServiceNow, Snowflake, IBM, SAP and beyond – to the entire Microsoft ecosystem – including connectors to marketing automation applications to make management easier and break down siloes throughout the enterprise.

This enables telecom businesses to meet today’s challenges more easily at lower cost as well as prepare for advancements in IoT and augmented reality. Here, too, Carma is preparing to take users to new frontiers. Carma is currently developing Remote Eyes®™, which is in beta with a customer now, to provide insights using augmented reality (AR) and live video that builds bridges between operations and customers. Remote Eyes®™ can, for instance, provide an explanation for why exactly it took three hours to change a power supply or insight into where equipment is best placed. This provides better customer experience while enabling technician insight remotely, cutting truck rolls and lowering costs while boosting efficiency.

Another transformative capability of Carma is the ability to manage network inventory in a way that straddles engineering, operations, and sales. Last August, Carma added floorplans, rack elevations, mapping, and panel views. These can be joined with all inventory and the CRM within Carma. Engineering can do the floor plan, create a drawing in Adobe AutoCAD, and link it with the data in Carma, which means sales can start selling before it’s even built. This enables sales, operations, and engineering to work from the same data—a level of integrated functionality that hasn’t been previously possible.

Unlocking transformation

All this begs the question: why reinvent the wheel? Think of Carma’s platform as the fancy red sportscar that’s build on top of the wheels. Simply put, Carma’s leadership sees telecom as integral to nearly every other technical industry driving innovation forward.

Frank explained, “The Internet has had a greater impact on productivity than electricity. With this, there’s going to be no data divide, no fights over whose data is better. This is about fewer ‘fingers in the wind’ and better decision-making.”

By holistically aggregating data into the Microsoft suite, Carma unlocks telecom transformation, whether for mergers and acquisitions, customer experience, or new use cases.

“Carma is the ultimate data aggregator,” Frank said, pointing out how the platform makes data available to every role in the business in a clean system to enable further innovation on that data, even in different apps or connectors.

Carma has buried but harnessed the power of the underlying infrastructure to streamline virtually every facet of operations in and throughout Microsoft’s platform and applications, so that you can focus on your business. Moreover, Carma gives you the ability to focus on running your businesses better, instead of fighting with antiquated systems.

Carma has painstakingly innovated to help you accelerate and take the pain out of your innovation. If you think this approach may be right for you, we invite you to contact Carma today.


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