A Lean New Year with NFV

By: Tim Young

It’s 2017 now, and it’s NFV’s time. Now, I heard a fair amount of chatter over the course of 2016 about NFV failing to meet expectations in terms of cost savings and overall uptake. But I tend to subscribe to the Gartner Hype Cycle philosophy: a technology trigger is followed by a groundswell of inflated expectations. After the disillusionment sets in and the crestfallen speculators slump away, the real work begins, bringing about a sustainable “plateau of productivity". And it’s clear to me that NFV is making its way toward that plateau…

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Carrier SDN Simplifies Complexity in the Cloud Era

By: Sasa Nijemcevic

To support the cloud era, network service fulfillment must evolve to become on-demand, agile and able to rapidly scale operations. This requires moving to a carrier SDN-controlled environment that simplifies network complexity by abstracting it and enabling automated provisioning to IP/MPLS, carrier Ethernet and optical network services delivery. Moreover, to make on-demand operations profitable, carrier SDN needs to identify the best use of available network resources and meet service requirements, including service assurance, through network-aware dynamic service provisioning…

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Organic Networks: self-managing and self-growing networks

By: Scott St. John

Communications networks never stop growing. Since their inception, our global networks have always been a patchwork of old and current technologies. In an ongoing process, network practitioners stretch their minds to invent fresh ways of doing the same thing — essentially carrying bits to more places — faster, more reliably, more securely and at lower cost. But larger size, the enrichment of services, and escalating numbers of endpoints bring increasing complexity. Network capacity is expected to go on growing non-linearly and so as the number of possible interactions between elements increases non-linearly, complexity will increase at a multiple of those exponents…

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Converging Cloud and Virtualization Standards: Critical industry-wide collaboration

By: Mark Cummings, Ph.D.

Collaboration effort, making progress A broad range of Telecommunications industry participants came together from December 6 to 10 in Bonn Germany in two consecutive meetings both hosted by Deutsche Telekom. The first was a Network and Service Management (NSM) Workshop. The second was a Multi SDO and Open Source Group (MSDO/OSG) collaboration effort. The results of both meetings are very promising in that they point to a new way of operating networks that will meet society’s need for innovative and cost effective services while enabling financially strong network service providers…

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The critical role of Active Assurance in the context of SDN and NFV

By: Claudio Mazzuca

The transition from traditional networks to virtualized networks is well underway, driven by the promise of SDN and NFV. These networking tools have the power to dramatically change the way services are created and managed, but how will these changes impact the way service providers manage their customers’ Quality of Experience (QoE)? The answer lies in a fundamental shift away from traditional network monitoring to a more dynamic, software based real-time service assurance solution architecture…

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The Road to 5G is Paved with Good (Fiber) Intentions

By: Johnny Hill

There is no doubt that the advent of 5G will soon be upon us and everyone from service providers to customers are excited about the potential of what 5G can bring to the table. For service providers in particular, it is the ability to meet the increasingly high bandwidth demands from their customers. In a world that is dominated by the need to access high quality video and applications from anywhere at any time, service providers are grasping at any solution that might provide a wider pipeline for bandwidth and speed…

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Benefitting From the Network in the Cloud

By: Robin Kent

Network operators are constantly looking to introduce new services and design networks in different ways to improve performance and lower costs. The industry currently appears curious over Virtual Evolved Packet Core (vEPC), but this could be the innovative service that they have been looking for. Now is definitely the time for operators to press ahead and start deploying vEPC in large scale LTE networks. However, they need to know how to best utilise the solution, which we also refer to as the network in the cloud, and in what way to implement it in order to provide the highest Quality of Experience (QoE) possible to the end user, who in today’s world demands 4G connectivity…

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Letter from the Editor - January 2017

By: Tim Young

"Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming."- David BowieThough we're several weeks into 2017, I couldn't resist another quote from the Thin White Duke himself, who passed away almost exactly one year ago.I suppose it isn't a quote, exactly, but rather the advertising strapline from his 1977 album, Heroes. It's not an album jam-packed with singles that casual Bowie fans could easily reel off, except for the title track, which was a Brian Eno collaboration (and one of my all-time desert island picks)…

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Telecom Industry News - January 2017

By: Jim Schakenbach

Before we take a look at what made telecom news in December and say good-bye to 2016, we’ll start with what industry experts predicted this month for the year ahead: A new global telecom research study released by Research and Markets reveals that international telecom companies will be developing new revenue streams for IoT and M2M in 2017, as well as mobile and broadband infrastructure improvements for better video streaming. Industry operators will be seeking to produce more income relating to the apps and services generated by these technologies…

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