Letter from the Editor - October 2014

By: Tim Young

“Any technological advance can be dangerous. Fire was dangerous from the start, and so (even more so) was speech - and both are still dangerous to this day - but human beings would not be human without them.” –Isaac Asimov

When Asimov wrote this, he was referring to his stories about robots, and I think it’s pretty common for many to regard those with a mix of interest and fear. I, myself, got a dose of the creeps the first time I saw a promotional video for Jibo, though that’s probably less because I fear progress and more because I can’t see paying five bills for an anthropomorphic iPhone app with a Teddy Ruxpin voice.

The evolution of the network, meanwhile, is regarded with a bit more optimism, but still brings its share of pain and confusion along the way. Old infrastructure must give way to new and service providers must balance countless factors as they keep their customers happy and remain profitable in a changing communications climate.

But boy oh boy is there an upside.

Modern networks are not only faster and able to carry more, they consume less energy, are more resilient, and are easier to monetize. Conversely, they require (as we all know) a change in the way we view monitoring, planning, virtualization, and a host of other processes and technologies.

So what can we say about the constantly evolving network today? What are some of the considerations we all must make to take full advantage of the growth and change of our staggeringly complex network? In this issue of Pipeline, we explore that very topic. We check out the state of 5G, examine the complexities of two transmission mediums (fiber and superfast copper) and hear from Vodafone on the topic of telecom expense management (TEM). We also do a deep dive on virtualization from several angles and discuss the role that wireless mesh plays in an evolving network. In addition, we take a look at the myriad benefits of an all-IP network and explore the next generation commerce opportunities a smarter network can provide. And, as always, we’ll bring you the latest in news and opinion in the communications and entertainment technology (COMET) space.

Keep on evolving. Keep on innovating. It’s what makes us human.


Tim Young


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