COMET News - October 2014

Cisco announced more than 30 new partners to Intercloud, a worldwide network of interconnected clouds that Cisco and its partners are developing.

Clouds get bigger

Major cloud announcements over the past month will result in some clouds getting bigger than ever. Perhaps the biggest news came from Cisco. The company announced more than 30 new partners to Intercloud, a worldwide network of interconnected clouds that Cisco and its partners are rapidly developing. One look at the big names on the marquee communicates that this is the cloud show: Deutsche Telekom, BT, NTT, and Equinix. These new partnerships expand Cisco’s reach into 50 countries and 250 new data centers. Major CSPs have already announced how they intend to leverage the new global cloud.

 “By offering the Cisco Intercloud platform, we will be able to deliver simple and cost-effective clouds and true hybrid services to our customers throughout Europe – in compliance with our strict data protection regulations in Germany, which is a critical factor in business today,” said Reinhard Clemens, Board Member of Deutsche Telekom and CEO of T-Systems.  “If you want a strong foothold in the European market, you need to be strong in Germany. We will help Cisco implement its cloud strategy in Germany and the rest of Europe.”

Another major cloud development came from Oracle. The company debuted not one or two, but a six-pack of cloud Platform-as-a-Service solutions at Oracle Openworld. The new PaaS offerings include Oracle Big Data Cloud, Oracle Mobile Cloud, Oracle Integration Cloud, Oracle Process Cloud, Oracle Node.js Cloud, and Oracle Java SE Cloud.

Oracle claims, “Unlike other clouds that offer services in one or two layers, Oracle Cloud is the only cloud that delivers a broad portfolio of integrated services across data, applications, platform, and infrastructure areas.”

Taking cloud concepts to the network itself is now possible as well. On-demand, configurable cloud and network services for enterprise are available now from AT&T. The company unveiled its User Defined Network Cloud for enterprise customers. According to AT&T, this  is the first software-defined networking solution of its kind in the United States. “By enabling companies to easily and immediately provision network services on their own, we’re creating a truly world-class customer experience,” said Roman Pacewicz, AT&T Senior Vice President – Marketing and Global Strategy.

Cloud storage and computing is scalable and cost-effective, but it presents some security challenges for highly-regulated government contractors. Jumping on the opportunity to offer bulletproof solutions, AT&T and Ericsson (with Guardtime) both recently unveiled cloud solutions that meet or exceed exacting government standards. Ericsson’s offering also enables organizations to monetize big data assets.

Other hot cloud news included Ericsson’s purchase of Apcera to add Platform-as-a-Service technology to its cloud portfolio, Huawei and Infosys global cloud partnership, ZTE’s new cloud-based network coordination solution, Verizon’s interconnect into the Amazon Cloud, and Telstra’s Cisco cloud expansion into new countries.


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