Bridging the Digital Rift with Federos

In today’s digital world, change is the only constant. And, the pace of change is constantly accelerating.

“As you begin to think about the application of analytics, AI, machine learning, and end-to-end automation, you must have one place for this information to live,” adds Knight.

Federos products include full automation for many of the events that require intervention today, such as in the example above. However, the company is also partnering with companies like Arago to leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) to deliver new use cases later this year. Like its customers, Federos is continuing to evolve its products and company to meet the demands of the future by helping simplify service management, improve the customer experience, and increase operational efficiency.

Transforming a Monolith

Federos is uniquely suited to both understand and embrace that challenge but underwent its own transformation to keep up with its customers’ evolving needs. Founded originally as Monolith software, it operated under that name for a decade. In November 2017, it rebranded as Federos. That rebrand signified more than a name change.

“We wanted to reestablish ourselves as a trusted guide to help solve [our customers’] service-management needs and address service assurance needs in future—and move them off the monolithic and legacy solutions they have been dependent on for decades. That started with changing our own identity,” Knight told Pipeline. 

In addition to rebranding itself and its products, Federos acquired new assets to better serve its customers. Its Assure1 and Fusion1 software provide unified service management, analytics, unified visualization, workflow automation, and a contextual dashboard. Federos also expanded its footprint in the UK and North America as well as its ecosystem of reliable and trusted partners to grow its presence in particular verticals. 

This repositioning and expanded portfolio better equip Federos to help its customers transform operations by creating an agile service assurance environment more ideally suited to meeting the demands of today’s constantly changing service, network, and technology landscape.

Guiding across the rift

In today’s digital world, change is the only constant. And, the pace of change is constantly accelerating. The legacy tools many telecom enterprises—and other businesses—operate with aren’t prepared to help them bridge the rift between where they were and where they need to go.

Simplifying the service management environment comes with many pluses. It reduces the cost of running end-to-end managed hybrid services and eliminates the need to manage repetitive tasks currently handled by skilled employees. In addition, simplification can accelerate service revenue and improve the customer experience and onboard and manage physical and virtualized services in a single interface. End-to-end visualization can provide context to and enrich operational data.

Modernizing the operational environment to handle today’s—as well as tomorrow’s—demands is an imperative. This shift reduces complexity and increases efficiency, and it reduces the risk of following the fate of the fabled switchboard operator. Companies like Federos are there to be a trusted advisor and guide, to help enterprises cross over the great, digital rift by harnessing the power of legacy domains and coupling that with the promise and opportunities of the future.


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