Reshaping the Data Lake

Data lake query acceleration platforms are the missing link in your data lake stack.
Leveraging these tools, an organization can reap the benefits of agile data lake analytics that harness near-perfect data—with traditional data-warehouse-comparable performance and cost. As a result, a business no longer needs to adapt to existing data architecture, which limits which queries can be run. Instead, the data architecture adapts itself to specific business needs, which are highly elastic and dynamic. 

Are you leveraging indexing technology?

Indexing has been traditionally used in relatively small datasets. Recent innovation expands the usage of indexing to massive amounts of data. Indexing technology eliminates the need for full scans and can accelerate queries automatically without any overhead to query processing or any background data maintenance. This reduces the amount of data scanned by orders of magnitude. As an example, check out this benchmarking data:

Figure 1:
Trino vs. Varada Query Performance (seconds)
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The missing link in the data lake stack

Data lake query acceleration platforms are the missing link in your data lake stack. Sitting on top of your data lake and query engine, they serve as a smart acceleration layer on your data lake, which remains the single source of truth. The data lake becomes the business’s mainstream data analytics platform, serving a very wide range of use cases and enabling enterprises to turn it into a strategic competitive advantage and achieve data lake ROI. Data also becomes a strategic asset, as businesses can use it to respond with agility to new opportunities through innovations that drive business growth and competitive advantage.


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