Intelligent Broadband Operations

By: Prashanth Shetty, Ayla Networks

Think back to the last time you had to call your Internet service provider. Were you delighted by the experience? Or did the experience leave you wanting to cancel your service, just so you never had to go through the process or speak to them again? The smart money is on the latter. Unfortunately, we have only grown more dependent on connectivity and the devices it connects in our homes. The last 10 years has seen an explosion in the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), in three distinct phases

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Becoming Usage-Data Driven: A New Standard

By: Stephen Hateley

The world is shifting from one-time product sales to recurring sales of products and services as a subscription. Subscriptions are becoming the standard framework for the relationship between companies and their customers, across industries. For both B2C and B2B, we are seeing a massive shift to digital services, where customers only pay for what they use, simply because it’s a better deal for them. Customers see a direct connection between the price they paid and the value they received. Recurring revenue models are more sustainable for a business as they build predictable revenue streams

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AI, CX and the Road to Zero Touch

By: Ira Cohen

Among many other things, the onset of the pandemic completely transformed when, where, and how people access communication service providers’ (CSPs) networks. People who could work from home set up home offices in bedrooms and basements. When the schools closed, kindergartners and PhDs alike found themselves on laptops around the breakfast table working on their studies. Office parks, middle schools, and colleges were emptied of their daytime inhabitants and their network service demands plummeted

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AI, ML and the Intelligent Analytics Future

By: Bartlomiej Gorny

Adoption of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies is growing. According to recent research, almost 60 percent of communication and digital service providers claim to have applied AI- and ML-driven technologies in their operations in one way or another. This proves that even though applying artificial intelligence and machine learning in telecommunications is still quite new and expensive, communication and digital service providers strongly believe the technology to be worth implementing

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Harnessing the Potential of Deep Mobile Analytics

By: Albrecht von der Recke

The sheer amount of data that we produce and consume is exploding at an unprecedented rate globally. Data growth analysis shows that most of the world’s data today has been generated in just the past two years. On average, every human created at least 1.7 MB of data per second during 2020. By 2025, 463 exabytes of data is expected to be generated each day by the global population. The pace is only going to accelerate. Ubiquitous smartphone adoption and ever-increasing consumer dependence on mobile devices are the major growth drivers, with mobile data volumes predicted to increase tenfold over the next five years

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An AI-Driven Future for Network Operations

By: Fabio Gavioli, Claudio Passera

Complexity is costly, but it’s a reality in network performance and operations today. To successfully run high-performance 5G services, a mobile network requires an outstanding transport infrastructure, capable of satisfying different services’ needs, from capacity and latency to sync and more. The network must run with the highest reliability. Even this is not enough, though. When the unexpected occurs, a fast, efficient operating response makes the difference between seamless network performance and disruptions that interrupt traffic

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Augmented Analytics: Extending AI Across the Telecom Enterprise

By: Suresh Chintada

Telecommunications has long been an industry that powers many others by providing continuous communication, connectivity, and data flows that are vital to sustain all kinds of operations. But in a landscape flourishing with digital innovation, communications itself has taken on new flavors. Hyperscalers are driving alternative communication options like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger that piggyback on networks, eating into marketshare. Operators may soon find themselves nudged out of the game if they do not differentiate

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The Future of Automation and Orchestration

By: Morgan Stern

According to Gartner, 65 percent of organizations that deployed robotic process automation will introduce artificial intelligence, including machine learning and natural language processing algorithms, by 2022. At the same time, network automation initiatives have begun to mature and expand—moving from automations of common tasks to larger use cases that address multiple technologies and domains, as well as multiple business groups within the organization. These larger automation scenarios require a substantial investment of time, resources, and expenses for proper planning, design, development, testing, and implementation

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Reshaping the Data Lake

By: Ori Reshef

The term ‘big data’ has been around since the 1990s and companies have certainly been prioritizing big data investments for almost as long. Still, according to a recent 2021 NewVantage Partners survey of Fortune 1000 executives, enterprises are continuing to struggle to derive value from their big data investments. Only 48.5 percent are driving innovation with data. Just 41.2 percent are competing on analytics. And only 24 percent have created a data-driven organization.  Over the past decade, enterprise data analytics attention has shifted away from the data warehouse architecture to the data lake architecture

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Achieving Zero Downtime Data Migration

By: Bernd Pruessing

Data migration—the process of preparing, extracting, and transforming data and transferring it from one system platform to another—is difficult. Research shows that 40 percent of data migration projects are over time, over budget, or fail entirely. Data migrations have become even more complex in recent years because of new technologies, such as virtualized functions in the data center, and new use cases like automation. These make it even more challenging to extract data from the source, transform it, and load it into the new target system

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Putting Telematics in the Big Data Driver's Seat

By: Mike Branch

Supply chains and the workers who support them are a driving force in the global economy. Transportation, whether by land, sea, or air, is the lifeblood keeping supply chains moving. What’s the crux to keep transportation doing its job to move goods? The answer is data.  And more specifically, data analytics complemented by artificial intelligence. So many variables potentially impact the transport of goods, from the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic to the unpredictable Suez Canal blockage and the perpetual challenges of inclement weather

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Letter from the Editor

By: Scott St. John, Pipeline

The truth can be hard to find. But data doesn’t lie. Last month, I wrote about possibilities. One possibility was that the pandemic could get worse. I looked at the data and saw that, despite the common narrative, there was a concerning trend of increasing COVID infections and hospitalizations, even as vaccinations had reached over 80 percent in some regions.  How could this be? Largely, it was being blamed on the “unvaccinated population.” However, the data suggested there had been a large number – up to 74 percent – of reports of fully-vaccinated, breakthrough cases in communities and organizations

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Telecom Industry News

By: Scott St. John, Pipeline

In this month’s issue, we focus on AI and analytics, along with many shades of automation, big data, transformation, insights, and innovation. As if in sync with our issue theme, industry news headlines on these topics rolled in, from advancements in AI that are bringing us new Beethoven from beyond the grave to helping us combat infectious disease before it can spiral out of control. The top telecom industry news stories from the month are summarized below. To view all the news as it breaks, check out Pipeline’s News Center or subscribe to receive our telecom industry news summary

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