Letter from the Editor

By: Tim Young

"Discovery consists of seeing what everybody
has seen and thinking what nobody has thought."

- Albert Szent-Györgyi

The man who said those words knew of what he spoke. A Nobel Laureate, Szent-Györgyi performed groundbreaking research on biophysics of muscle movement, explored the relationship between free radicals and cancer, and is credited with discovering Vitamin C. The sentiment, however, reaches far beyond his field, and has an impact on all fields of research in which innovation is crucial. Naturally, that includes the wide world of communications, which have seen massive changes through the years as the result of innovative thinking on the part of carriers, vendors, an even subscribers, all of whom are changing the bounds of what is possible all the time.

As technology changes, and as subscribers change with it, innovation is appearing in all corners of the industry.  All parties directly involved in the communications value chain are striving to deliver more services in a more efficient way than ever before.  Every player is looking for a way to see the same puzzle and solve it in a new way.

In this issue of Pipeline, we explore the cutting edge of telecom innovation. We reveal the winners of our 2012 Innovation Awards, each of which embodies the best of innovative thinking in the communication information technology (CommIT) space. We also bring you word on the latest in technologies that are changing the face of telecom, from telemedicine to the connected car. We explore the efforts of the R&D arms of some of the world’s leading service providers, hear from ConceptWave on M2M advances, and from JDSU on how network visibility is being rethought as content an users become more and more sophisticated. We bring you all of that this month, plus all the latest industry news an opinion.

I also wanted to take the time to note that this is the first issue in Pipeline's ninth volume. It's hard to believe it's been that long since Pipeline began, and I want to thank all of our readers and sponsors for supporting us for these many years. We look forward to many issues and many volumes to come.


Tim Young, Editor-in-Chief


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