CSP Reinvention: Operating in Digital Time

By: Brian McCann

The market for digital services is constantly evolving. Today, consumer standards are at an all-time high. They expect not only advanced technological solutions to address complex problems, but also innovative and personalized experiences to enhance their lives. Yet, there is no shortage of companies vying for consumers’ attention at the exact moment they have a perceived need. Within the video streaming market alone, the proliferation of choices from Netflix to Hulu and a range of other third-party services that sit on top of Communication Service Providers’ (CSP) networks are priming consumers to expect a highly personalized, seamless experience wherever and whenever they want…

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Patent Pipeline: Securing IoT

By: Alec Schibanoff

There is a way to see into the future without a crystal ball, psychic power or a time machine. Just look at the most recently issued patents. New technologies are patented by their inventors – corporate R&D staff, university professors and students, and independent inventors – and the patented technologies of today are the technologies that will be launched tomorrow, next week, next month or next year In this installment of Patent Pipeline, we take a look at the latest patents covering IoT security…

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AI and Cognitive Innovation

By: Praful Krishna

Artificial Intelligence is all the rage right now. Executives across sectors and across parts of value chain are looking to harness its promise and potential. Service Providers are no exception. However, there is one area where the story is more nuanced – application of AI to natural language. This article talks about the troubles enterprises face using traditional AI technologies for language, and discusses emerging alternatives like Calibrated Quantum Mesh. The Frustration of a Promise Many of the algorithms that are popular today have been around for a long time –  the first artificial neural networks were developed in the 1960s…

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Deliver Digital, Deal with Data

By: Lars Mansson

On Becoming Digital… The fact is that both in telco and across other industries commercial and operational infrastructures are changing; it’s hardly a secret. Digitization (essentially meaning a re-invention of business processes) is altering the competitive landscape in significant ways. However, despite eagerness to take up the new technologies ranging from (in telco) 5G to IoT to Cloud and beyond, many companies are finding success elusive. In general, one thing that digital innovators have in common is an early recognition that the fuel of progressive operational infrastructures and service innovation is data…

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The Future of TOSCA and NFV

By: Michael Brenner

The Future of NFV Standards is... Just Enough Standards. “There are great advantages in economy and efficiency to be won from standardization and unification... but there are grave dangers, also. The worst of these is timid thinking at the top, too much caution in a changing world, too much faith in committees, too little in bold, imaginative plans, too much "leaving it to solve itself". Not my words, but those of Mr. John Elliot, president of the Institute of Transport, who made this observation back in 1954…

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From Virtualization to the Edge: 2018 Predictions

By: Johnny Ghibril

Introduction With 2018 right around the corner, now is a good time to assess the current state of the telecom industry. Few industries are undergoing as much rapid change as telecom, with the expanded adoption of software defined networking (SDN), reliance on open source platforms, and highly demanding, low latency consumer services such as virtual reality and self-driving cars becoming commonplace. These developments on a continuously growing IoT landscape, which will be further enabled with the development and deployment of 5G and edge computing, ensure that 2018 will be a transformational year for the industry…

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Digital Transformation Will Require Intelligent Cloud Platforms

By: Kamesh Pemmaraju

Digital transformation will be the mantra for IT initiatives in 2018, and the underlying technology will be agile software development. IT organizations are at a crossroads: they can either work to become more agile and innovative, or business unit managers will decide to expand their use of public cloud providers, and hence reduce the role and value of internal IT organizations. In this article, we’ll look at the changing role of IT in an era of digital transformation, how DevOps is now driving the implementation of intelligent cloud platforms to enable Continuous Development and Continuous Delivery of applications, and what’s required in a cloud platform to support digital transformation…

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Chatbots Can Save Companies Money, But Won't Replace Human Help

By: Rich Baker

Love it or loathe it, chatbots are coming to the contact center. So, what’s a chatbot? Think of Apple’s Siri™ or Amazon’s Alexa™, but with a text interface (instead of voice) that responds to your written queries with its own text, images, buttons, and links that you can click.  Chatbots are just one example of an ongoing artificial intelligence (AI) revolution. According to Bloomberg, AI-driven systems are projected to add $15.7 trillion (yes, trillion) to the global economy by 2030…

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Disruption Alert: Our Connected Future Changes How We Buy Infrastructure

By: Mike Nguyen

We live in a highly connected world, and most of us go through our days enjoying the benefits of connectivity without giving much thought to the infrastructure that enables us to communicate instantly, travel safely, shop effortlessly, manage our money, educate and entertain ourselves, secure our homes and our country—or to put it simply, live our lives with all the conveniences of the digital era. The foundation of our digitally driven culture is internet infrastructure—that is, all the hardware, software and network connections that make the internet work…

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Intent-Based Networking Surges Forward

By: Tim Young

As 2017 draws to a close, it looks like there are clear signs that the network is becoming smarter and more self-sustaining. Year in and year out we’ve written about the growth of technologies such as SDN and self-healing networks, all increasingly pointing the way toward a network that can handle the details of resource allocation and other minutiae based on the goals and needs of CSPs and the subscribers they serve. Those technologies have taken a big step forward this year with the growing prominence of intent-based networking (IBN)…

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Letter to the Editor

By: Tim Young

“I don't know where I'm going, But I'm on my way.” -Popular WWI-era song composed by George Fairman, 1917One year ends and the next begins, and boy what a ride around the sun this has been. It hasn’t always been pretty, but there has been continued change in the way we communicate, build networks, and distribute content. And even more changes are on the horizon as technology evolves and debates around issues like Net Neutrality rage on.There are big issues to unpack: What role do CSPs play in the modern media landscape? How can networks be secured when those networks include billions of devices? What will the future of communications, media and entertainment mean for our networks and how we maintain them? How will automation change the way we live and work?These are complex questions with complex answers, but as always, we’ll do our best to unpack them with the help of some of the top minds in the communications world…

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Telecom Industry News

By: Scott St. John, Pipeline

The telecom industry has been buzzing as new network technology rolls out around the world and in the heavens above. Advancements in 5G show that the new mobile technology is becoming a reality, and satellite is becoming a more integral component of next-gen services. There were also indications that IoT, security, cloud, and CEM are still hotbeds of activity. The FCC announced the reversal of Net Neutrality in the US, B/OSS deployments appear to be picking up momentum, and there were notable developments surrounding video, digital transformation, and enterprise offerings…

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