Accelerating Digital Transformation
with Automation

Network inventory helps CSPs seize the opportunity by providing greater intelligence and visibility that enables them to quickly launch new services and deliver high-quality customer experiences.
innovation, missed goals, and wasted investments, making managing and automating network inventory so critical today.

To drive innovation and deliver better service, network inventory data must be connected to the rest of the value chain so CSPs can rapidly deploy services, maximize network investment, and redefine the customer experience.

This requires a shift in strategy and the simplification of an ever-complex environment. CSPs need to consolidate their inventory systems, automate their workflows, and implement measures that proactively monitor and maintain the health of their networks.

Having a single platform that can accurately locate resources and create workflows while at the same time executing and maintaining network operations is a baseline for achieving quality service and experiences. Using inventory management as the baseline (or foundation) for automation, CSPs can better identify and locate resources, connect inventory to resources and services, and connect functional teams to share information critical to completing tasks, fulfilling requests, and delivering new services. In doing so, CSPs can deliver services fast and address issues proactively with an accurate inventory.

Network inventory automation in action

Let’s see this play out in action. Think about a company that orders a connectivity service that requires software to enable Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP), new network equipment, and new desktop phones. Customer care manages the initial order, engineering identifies and builds the right equipment, and on-site field technicians complete the installations.

Seems simple, right? Even so, it still requires various teams to work together to fulfill the request. But often, these teams don’t work on the same systems, so data, information, and communication are fragmented. For instance, customer care may not know what inventory is available, engineers may not have details on the customer’s current product portfolio, and technicians may not know what equipment is needed for the installation.

An automated, connected approach to network inventory can be the solution. If all network inventory is connected and automated on a single platform, the process of receiving and completing a request—whatever that task may be—will be streamlined and simple.

Here’s how: a customer service agent receives a request from a customer. Although they are on a separate team, from a single platform, they can assign the tasks to the network engineer to create the necessary work order.

That work order is then sent to the field service dispatcher who has the information needed to send the right field technician to the right place at the right time with the right assets to fulfill a request.

That technician can accept the tasks directly on their mobile device and will also see the work order, customer information, and pertinent details about that request—ensuring that they are equipped with the necessary parts for the task the first time. As they complete the tasks all parties—including the customer—are automatically notified.

Previously, this process would have involved additional manual steps. But with all the information and assets integrated into a single platform, teams can work seamlessly together quickly, while ensuring they have the right parts to do the job

Looking ahead in network automation

With networks powering digital economies today and serving as the backbone of most enterprises, CSPs are left with a massive opportunity to transform. Network inventory helps CSPs seize the opportunity by providing greater intelligence and visibility that enables them to quickly launch new services and deliver high-quality customer experiences.

But network inventory without process automation leads to wasted time and resources that CSPs can’t afford to lose. Automation allows CSPs to connect their entire network ecosystem, leading to happier customers, more empowered employees, and business growth.


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