Converging on the Future of Telecommunications

By: Chris Bastian

More than ever, the telecommunications industry is poised to implement—for an ever-widening audience—the needed structural enhancements that were highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Key messages have become apparent that will push the industry to accelerate beyond the crisis. These include a renewed focus on the customer, new strategies to converge end-to-end service delivery, and repositioning wireless networks as part of an expanded business model. Each of these topics, and many more, were the focus of the largest cable telecommunications and technology trade show in the Americas from October 11-14…

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E-MEID: The Next Thing in Smartphone Security

By: Kevin L. Jackson

Your personal communications network is under vicious attack! The Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA) biannual survey estimated that global fraud loss in 2019 reached $28.3 billion. This number equates to 1.74 percent of the 2019 estimated global telecom revenues, with the top five fraud types accounting for 54 percent of all fraud losses. This estimate was an increase from the 2017 figures of a total loss of 1.27 percent of global telecom revenues. To put this percentage loss in perspective: For AT&T, with $171…

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Fiber and Wireless Infrastructure Trends to Watch

By: Trent Anderson

Every industry feels the effects of the pandemic, including the need to change the status quo to adapt and overcome the struggles that surfaced during COVID-19. Specifically, the telecommunications industry experienced accelerated demand for reliable connectivity and major digital shifts as the world suddenly transitioned to virtual. To accommodate the connectivity shift from major metro areas to suburban and remote areas, the telecommunications industry has made thoughtful and strategic leaps to provide reliable connectivity, which has evolved into new trends for 2022…

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Assessing Your Data Provenance Score

By: Georg Greve, Andrea Worrlein

Provenance describes the history of the state, custody, or location of something. At first, it was a term used mostly for the arts to answer questions such as, “Is this really a Picasso?” Provenance, though, also applies to the digital world, where it is part of the bedrock on which our entire digital existence rests. So, here are three aspects left largely unconsidered about provenance, and how to best assess a company’s own digital provenance. Try proving you're NOT a dog Just ten years ago, our world was still largely “analog-first…

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The Great Resignation:
Hiring Innovators in a Tight Market

By: Carrie Charles

Millions of workers have left—and are leaving—their jobs in the Great Resignation. Over the pandemic, people had time to think about what they wanted and didn’t want from their working hours. Most people want to commute less, spend more time with loved ones, and work somewhere they can grow and feel valued. Those were always important factors, but they’re even more so now. Priorities changed. And with talent shortages, workers can afford to be very selective. Applicants aren’t interested in simply hitting the metrics you’ve defined…

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Helping CSPs Succeed in 2022 and Beyond

By: Ari Banerjee

While most of the world was primarily working and studying at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, CSPs provided essential connectivity and services to businesses and consumers. They had to prioritize customer engagement to overcome the challenges of this massive societal shift and connect people on an unprecedented scale. They delayed disconnections, extended payment deadlines, and provided free connectivity to schools and underserved communities. And as CSPs focused more on customer engagement, their success grew…

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Stay the Course: Virtual Workplace
Remains the Path Forward

By: Mark Hughes, Mike McDaniel

For the evolving virtual workplace, 2021 was a year of starts and stops for many organizations, both large and small. Amid the worldwide health crisis, vaccine rollouts and COVID-19 variants, businesses are debating whether to return their entire workforces—or even just portions—to traditional office environments. The decision can be a controversial one, but it doesn’t have to be. Daily media headlines on the crisis highlight the impact it is having on the way forward for global organizations in particular…

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The Technology Roadmap
to Enable IoT-Data Conversations

By: Ken Figueredo, Joachim Koss

When attending a cocktail party or similar social event, a person can expect to meet old friends. They might also make completely new acquaintances via friends of friends or the host’s introductions. Some of these new acquaintances might be people from out of town. Others might speak in a different language, requiring a translator or third language for communication.  There is no reason why this human-centered scenario should not apply to connected devices, sensors and IoT applications. In the case of consumer IoT components, the equivalent of the party gathering might be a home…

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Going Beyond the SOC

By: Sam Jones

According to the FBI, the number of cyberattacks reported to its Cyber Division is up 400 percent compared to pre-pandemic levels, and attacks are getting worse. From financial sites to healthcare sites to government sites to supply chain industries, no one is safe from these attacks. The traditional defense against these threats is the Security Operations Center (SOC)—a room full of analysts watching for security alerts on TV screens—but this defense isn’t working very well. For proof, just ask the cybersecurity teams at Continental Pipeline, Target, TransUnion, or any of hundreds of other companies that have experienced significant attacks…

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Letter from the Editor

By: Scott St. John, Pipeline

Each year we dedicate one issue of Pipeline to exploring the top trends.  Some of these trends are new, others persistent, and all are relevant to the way we connect as a global community. As 2021 comes to a close, we have gained perspective. In my letter from the editor almost a year ago to the day, I reported that Margaret Keenan of Britain became the first person in the world to receive the Pfizer-BioNtech COVID-19 vaccine outside of clinical trials. Today, just a year later, there have been over 7 billion doses of the vaccines administered, over 250 million cases of COVID-19 reported, and tragically, over 5 million deaths attributed to the novel coronavirus…

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IT and Telecom Technology Industry News

By: Jara Kern, Pipeline

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…when we get a peek at what was and what will be. Top trends topped the headlines, ranging from the acceleration of digital transformation and the rapid adoption of 5G and cloud technologies to the continuing threat of cybersecurity breaches and the increasing sophistication of cyber criminals. From predictions of the top technologies to transform 2022 to when we can expect our self-driving cars to hit the lot, we heard it all. The top telecom industry news stories from the month are summarized below…

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