The DevOps Culture In Telecom: Integrating Development and Operations

By: Tim Young

The rise and growing prominence of the DevOps culture in recent years has been hard to miss. This collaborative union of development, operations, and quality assurance professionals in order to develop and deliver products and services quickly has gone from theoretical to ubiquitous in relatively short order. It’s an approach that’s not without its detractors. Objections range from “it’s a mish-mash of ill-defined buzzwords” to “it doesn’t scale” to “it’s only worth doing in a handful of industries…

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Resolving Latency Issues That Affect Carrier Networks and Quality of Experience

By: Scott St. John, Pipeline

The speed with which data travels from one side of the network to a subscriber’s end point can mean the difference between a positive or negative Quality of Experience (QoE) and subsequent loyalty or churn. Delivering the required transport performance — and making the customer happy with a solid QoE — has become more challenging with the insatiable demand for data and the expanding number of data-hungry digital services. Transport performance can suffer for many reasons: excess packet loss, latency (delay) and jitter (delay variation)…

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MWC Americas Preview

By: Susana Schwartz

GSMA and CTIA believe North America has become the ‘epicenter of mobile innovation,’ and digital-ecosystem stakeholders from around the world will converge on San Francisco in a few weeks to talk about how to connect, collaborate and monetize digitally driven, mobile-forward services. Below, Susana Schwartz, managing editor of Pipeline, discusses with Reed Peterson, head of GSMA’s Mobile World Congress Americas, the reasons why ‘now’ is the perfect time for a large-scale Americas event and what keynotes and conference topics to consider, as well as a roundup of some exhibitors’ showcases at the event…

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Capitalizing on Telco Cloud in the Era of Digital Transformation

By: Susana Schwartz

Microsoft Azure is impressing analysts with double-digit growth in its commercial cloud services during the past year, working with carriers that are aggressively pursing digital transformation, such as AT&T, Verizon, Telstra, Telefonica, and Deutsche Telekom, as well as technology providers that possess a deep OSS/BSS acumen, such as WeDo Technologies, Amdocs and Apttus. Pipeline had the opportunity to talk to Microsoft's Eric Troup, CTO, worldwide media and telecommunications, and Rick Lievano, worldwide director of industry technology strategy, telecommunications industry…

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Reinventing the MVNO: From Mobile discounter to DSP

By: Andy Peers

MVNOs are reinventing themselves, changing from mobile discounters to digital service providers (DSPs). They are having to adapt to survive in the digital era, where consumers know what content they want, and the ways in which they want to consume that content. It has changed dramatically. The participation economy has seen passive users transform into engaged participants, and in response, businesses are trying to adopt agile business models and approaches that can instantly respond to what customers value and at the speeds customers demand…

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Winning in the Era of Cloud and IoT with Insight-driven SDN

By: Sasa Nijemcevic

We live in an on-demand world where business agility wins. Subscribers assume that unlimited choice and instant gratification are to be expected. Enterprises expect their connectivity services to be up in seconds, just like the cloud services at the core of their business processes. For network operators, success now hinges on their ability to pivot quickly to meet these expectations. Their networks must adjust faster and scale higher to meet the dynamic connectivity needs of cloud and IoT.How far will this go? We’re only getting started…

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Digital Checkup: Where are you on the path to digital transformation?

By: Philip Yoo

Consider that the average consumer already owns 3.3 connected devices — both in the United States and across the United Kingdom — and this number is on the rise. In the age of Apple, Google, and Uber, user experiences are expected to be easy (and seamless). Personalization and customization have become a core demand and expectation of digital consumers. To gain a competitive advantage in the digital era, it’s up to the service provider community to not only innovate, but to stay ahead of the expectations of today’s and tomorrow’s connected consumers…

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A CTO's Thoughts on OSS Modernization

By: David Deng

All communications service providers (CSP) have accumulated operational support systems (OSS) as they have built out their networks and services over their years of operation. A CSP’s OSS ecosystem may look like an ever-growing and tangling spider web as depicted in Figure 1, where many siloed systems are woven together across OSS, network management system (NMS), and element management system (EMS) layers.» read this article

5G: Network Agility Comes of Age

By: Shawn Stapleton, Ph.D.

Self-driving automobiles require that network delay or latency be reduced to less than a millisecond. Streaming 3D video and new immersive applications require massive bandwidth. Multi-millions of IoT devices will require spectrum beyond what is currently accessible. Dramatic increases in data use at events and public venues will exacerbate already existing swings in capacity demand. A proliferation of devices will intensify the need for densification of base stations — the ability to deliver more and more capacity within the same space…

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Achieving Digital Growth Hacking Through Micro-Operations

By: Bob Barrows

Digital Transformation.  Digital Service Provider.  Agile Monetization.  Business Agility. DevOps. Microservices. Automation. These are words that represent many great approaches and that propose a superior end state for communications service providers (CSPs) striving to be digital service providers capable of operational agility and bolstered by successful digital transformation. The above concepts and approaches are the lead-ins for the many products and services that will get CSPs to where they want to be in terms of digital services…

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Letter from the Editor - August 2017

By: Tim Young

“There can be no life without change, and to be afraid of what is different or unfamiliar is to be afraid of life.” –Theodore Roosevelt The only constant, as the old chestnut goes, is change. We all know that wasn’t the easiest concept for the communications industry to grasp, initially. Or perhaps the venerable telcos of old just didn’t think that showy innovations were for them, preferring to leave that to the start-ups. A few decades of shifting technology, regulation, and customer demand have largely changed that tune, though there are still many ways that companies in the integrated communications and entertainment technology space can become more agile…

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Telecom Industry News - August 2017

By: Jim Schakenbach

In August, we saw a number of carriers and network solutions providers ramping up activity to meet the growing demand for broadband services and the anticipated evolution toward 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT). A new report released by Research and Markets predicts large-scale commercial 5G trials will increase 5X by 2021, as 5G continues to evolve along with LTE and mmwave radio equipment. CSPs will deploy next-generation equipment at Base Transceiver Stations (BTS) for Mobile Edge Computing (MEC), which will provide distributed computing and effectively transform BTS into distributed datacenters…

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