Dominating Disruption: Featuring Dorado Software

Disruption can be daunting, but it is also an opportunity to thrive.
"This is a new era of transformation and a transition away from traditional, purpose-built software and hardware into a new, software-defined world. This changes things, and we've had to incorporate that dimension into our products while staying true to our core values of simplicity, automation, and vendor choice."

Cruzing through Disruption 

Dorado has recently launched a new, flagship product called Cruz. Cruz incorporates Dorado's decades-long experience enabling its clients to leverage different networking, application, and content technologies in heterogeneous environments – and adds key cloud considerations for the new, software-defined world." As our clients' infrastructure has been transforming over the last few years with technologies like SDN and instances such as SD-WAN, SDDC, HCI, and sofware-defined storage, we have restructured our business and our products to support more of the holistic, management and operations of a converged datacenter environment."

Instead of end users having to manage multiple, disparate systems and consoles, Dorado's Cruz product is a single, consolidated platform that includes off-the-shelf applications that monitor and collect data from applications, systems, storage, and networking functions. Cruz then provides automation capabilities back to the various network elements and other components to create a zero-touch environment for many operational tasks.

For example, Cruz includes specialized dashboards for individuals responsible for monitoring network health and provides stock automation for many common tasks. Cruz also provides the tools to implement more sophisticated, custom automation that can be created by the user as well.

As more networks and services rely on virtual-network and cloud components, managing both the traditional and cloud environments together is fundamental to mastering the shift to a software-defined world and to dominating disruption today. Like rocks in a stream, having the ability to choose where to redirect the flow to optimize results is the key to capitalizing on change.

For example last year, Ribbon Communications (formerly Sonus) and Dorado announced they had introduced a cloud-optimized diameter signaling controller to enable service providers to centrally manage and automate NFV-based solutions for Diameter and SS7 from a single, virtual platform.

"The Sonus announcement is an excellent example of today's transformation," said Sebring. "We looked at the Sonus solution as a cloud-based application and as such were able to spin up new instances of the application, monitor it, and then turn it off when certain parameters have been met. That's automation."

Embracing Disruption 

Surviving in today's world of continual disruption depends on your ability to identify the changes you should address, and determine the best method to achieve optimal results with minimal operational impact. Products like Cruz help organizations embrace disruption by allowing them to capitalize on new, emerging technologies. It provides a way to consolidate disruptive technologies into a single platform where they can be leveraged where and as necessary, while automating functions to minimize operational impacts.

What kind of organization are you now, and what type of organization would you strive to be: a lumbering woolly mammoth, a nose-down bumble bee, or an industrial colony looking to capitalize on the next disruption?

Disruption can be daunting, but it is also an opportunity to thrive. Don't fear disruption, embrace it. Companies like Dorado Software are here to guide you along the way.


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