Vendor Spotlight: Subex

It warrants underscoring the enormous effort that was required to put them in this position, both technically and operationally.

Big Data and Analytics

These new digital devices, services, and lifestyle customers both consume and produce a tremendous amount of data. Subex has been investing heavily in analytics for some time to provide consumable insights to key constituents within operator organizations for better and faster decision making. Each department or team within the operator environment has unique data requirements and Subex is enabling that data to be uniquely modeled and create actionable insights and activities relative to their needs. Through interactive storyboards which can be consumed by executives at multiple levels, Subex is democratizing the data so that it can be shared and presented to each stakeholder per their unique requirements. It is also focused on providing agility so those models can be quickly deployed and adapted as the reporting requirements change.  And by combining this with its discovery capabilities, there is virtually no limit to what information can be modeled or how it is presented.  But Subex is going beyond the revenue and device data by understanding social interactions and the communities these new digital lifestyle customers possess.


Subex serves operators worldwide who are feeling the pressure to transform. Revenue from legacy services, such as voice and SMS, have been all but decimated by OTT competition and that’s driving their customers to rethink their offerings and re-position themselves as digital lifestyle enablers. Subex customers are enabling and monetizing digital services to better compete and attempt to disrupt an already turbulent marketplace.

There are two sides to this transformation: the first being achieving operational efficiencies by leveraging digital strategies within the operator, and the second being the digital service offering promoted to the market to drive revenue and higher profitability from new digital service streams. The digital service providers who are focusing on new service revenue can be separated into two distinct groups: one first that partners with OTT providers to gain a share of the revenues and the other – typically in larger markets – where they are developing their own digital platform for news, music, video, messaging and other digital services to compete with OTT head on. 

For example, in India there is the latest entrant of the digital lifestyle service provider who is planning to flip the game through its digital service offerings. It is betting big on data consumption, and has plans to offer a full suite of apps and rich content to enable a digital experience to its customers. This player would like to combine products, services, infrastructure, people and processes to provide a platform for consumers and partners to do digital business. In this game-changing business model, customer experience is the key differentiator. Subex believes that “real-time revenue assurance”can make it happen as it brings transparency to consumers and help customers understand how their data is charged and hence make them feel more comfortable around operator’s products and services. Traditionally, revenue assurance is used for preventing revenue leakage for traditional voice and data services. But as telecom service providers embrace digital business model, revenue assurance can be used for creating competitive advantage by providing superior customer experience. Subex is putting its people and products to work for its customer to help them thrive through their digital transformation process to disrupt the market.

The Future Looks Bright for Subex

Whether its IoT device security, partner revenue management, big data and business insights, customer experience management, or digital transformation; Subex is in the direct path of the biggest challenges facing its customers to help them on their journey. It may be early as their own transformation is relatively new, but Subex seems well-poised to capitalize on what’s ahead.  It warrants underscoring the enormous effort that was required to put them in this position, both technically and operationally. Subex today is a new company built upon its core strengths – its people, products, and customers – to address the needs of the market now and well into the future. If you haven’t taken a look at them recently, it’s definitely worth taking a look at them now.


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