Streaming Gaming Surpasses Netflix: Opportunities for Operators

Network operators must prepare to manage the massive amounts of traffic that is anticipated.

The opportunity for operators

There is no doubt that, alongside Google, Apple, and others, gamers are hoping to see video game streaming become wildly successful. After all, imagine browsing through video games the way you do movies: the options are endless. And, while there are challenges, this new trend also presents a major business opportunity for operators.

Figure 3 – Global Games Market Value 2018 Year in Numbers.
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Overall, network operators need to prepare to manage the massive amounts of traffic that is continuing to grow at an unprecedented rate, even if the majority of the traffic is expected to live at the edge. Staying ahead of the curve will be vital to support the applications of tomorrow. Equipping networks with tools and solutions to ease the burden of the shift in bandwidth requirements will be the difference in making or breaking the future of seamless and low-latency applications. There is no doubt we’ll see more applications coming to market that will dramatically increase traffic on the network, whether Google and Apple succeed in their new ventures or not. It should be exciting to see how network providers use innovation to meet the demands of those next-gen applications, delivering the experience customers and gamers expect.


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