Reducing Information Overload With AI

Finding the experts used to take days and weeks, but now it can take only minutes...

Find the experts
within your organization

When business problems require more complex answers or need support from experts, it's not so simple. In organizations with 20,000+ people, finding the colleague you need would require sifting through documentation files, emails, or your entire organization’s network. At this point, you have experienced information overload. 

For times like these, having a source to find the experts within your organization will help speed the process of answering a question, completing a task, or even staffing a scrum team for a larger pressing project. A system backed by AI enables you to gain visibility to everyone within your organization, even if they are outside of your immediate network, team, or location. This type of system tracks who answers what, the quality of their answer, and the topic associated with their response, creating a comprehensive neural network of your organization in real time. When it is time to find the best person to help solve your problem, you have access to all the experts within your organization. If integrated with your existing communication tools, you can contact them simply with a click. 

Finding the experts used to take days and weeks, but now it can take only minutes with the right tool and AI.

Find the right tools for supporting your team

Finding the right tools or system that supports your employees and tackles the information overload is necessary for the modern workplace. 

Here are features that you should look for in tools to help eliminate information overload: 

  • Serves multiple functions; a new tool can have the ability to replace various tools in your tech stack and minimize the number of sources your employees need to search through
  • Integrates with existing tools to break down the digital silos and connect your data 
  • Manages and contextualizes data to eliminate redundant and outdated information, give more context, and enable employees to find the best answer fast
  • Shrinks your organization's knowledge blind spot

Though technology has provided solutions to help conduct business faster than before, it has hindered us with information overload. It is a problem influenced greatly by technology, and it's a problem that technology can solve. A modern knowledge management solution can stop information overload and increase productivity.


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