Dark Fiber and the Future of Enterprise Evolution

In terms of security and privacy, a private, dark fiber network is unparalleled.

Yet there is one solution that can seamlessly and quickly unlock all the benefits sought after by the enterprise in today’s digital climate. 

The Core of Tomorrow’s Network

With digital transformation driving the need for a different type of network and network access, enterprises are looking for a key to unlock the next generation of highly capable and future-proofed networks. Now, as businesses delve further into their search for the solution, more and more are finding the source of their network empowerment: dark fiber.

In the scope of network transformation, dark fiber has, until recently, served as more of a supplement to the network rejuvenation process. However, it’s becoming clear that it can better serve as a replacement for out-of-date legacy and lit networks.

As a solution to digital transformation demands, dark fiber checks all the boxes. When it comes to bandwidth—arguably the biggest benefit of dark fiber—virtually unlimited scalability means that business and digital evolution will never be impeded. With dark fiber, the capacity limitation is only defined by the transmission equipment that can be placed on it. Furthermore, enterprises won’t have to be reliant on a service provider to turn capacity up or down because of dark fiber’s unparalleled level of control.

The complete network control that dark fiber delivers allows for bespoke network construction and strategy that is tailored to the needs of each unique enterprise. This means lightning-fast adjustments in bandwidth, allowing capacity to be scaled up during peak operation periods without costly upgrades through service providers, and down during slower, less demanding timeframes. This control over network topology and function also allows enterprises to optimize their budgets and leverage predictable costs by avoiding service providers’ data-usage-based payment plans. Dark fiber’s fixed payment structure and unlimited growth capacity make much more financial sense for businesses with larger and still-growing bandwidth demands.

In terms of security and privacy, a private, dark fiber network is unparalleled. Unlike SD-WAN, dark fiber does not come in contact with the public Internet and remains physically private from any other network traffic. In a business sphere that spent an estimated $66 billion on cybersecurity in 2018, the ability to keep data entirely private is a substantial benefit. At the same time, if a business wants access to the cloud, it can leverage cloud access with dark fiber, too. Dark fiber ensures backups can happen quickly and that connections can run smoothly, all while maintaining the integrity of networks on the ground.

Optimizing Dark Fiber Strategies

While internal control is a benefit to large enterprises that have the skills and the means to manage and perform network operations themselves, not all businesses will want or be able to take on the responsibility of managing their own network in-house. An experienced dark fiber provider with flexible purchasing options and build-to-suit construction can help in setting up a dark fiber network for enterprises that may not be ready to take on the full capital expense and network management.

An experienced dark fiber partner ensures that fiber networks are constructed properly, in terms of underground versus aerial placement and diversity from all other networks. It will also empower enterprise network evolution by allowing for managed dark fiber solutions. With a managed dark fiber network, enterprises can get all the flexibility and capabilities of a dark fiber network with the assurances and support of a managed service. Additionally, full control over the network with no hardware ownership means the managed dark fiber network option is the lowest risk in private networks available today.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

As next-generation 5G networks—and the countless exciting applications and use cases that follow—quickly become reality, data, latency and performance demands necessitate dark fiber strategies. Dark fiber enables powerful and quick scalability with the privacy and network control that is required to keep pace with the quickening speed of the digital world. Dark fiber holds the secret to delivering enhanced security, control, cloud access and capacity now. Once implemented, it can serve as a pivotal asset in the future as networks continue to transform to meet the needs of tomorrow’s enterprise.  


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