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According to the press release, AT&T services now encompass 190 countries and territories representing 99% of the world’s economy.

This month, Mitel also announced its strategic vision, incorporating real-time communications with cloud, mobile, and enterprise communications. This vision is intended to address the shift from premise-based communications to mobile-based communications for enterprises. The strategy outlined leverages Mitel’s 4G LTE, VoWiFi, real-time cloud, and new business accelerator offerings to eliminate silos between enterprises and mobile technologies. 

Explosive expansion

More than a quarter of a million connected devices were added to the IoT Boom thanks to AT&T and Moller-Maersk, one of the world’s largest shipping lines.  This month, AT&T announced that Moller-Maersk is using AT&T’s to track the shipment of perishable goods around the world.  The announcement states that 290,000 of Maersk containers equipped with remote container devices (RCDs) will be connected to the AT&T network to track location, temperature, and status of their shipments.

In another related announcement, Geotab stated it had sold 150,000 fleet management devices between February and June 2015. Geotabs devices are used by enterprises to improve productivity, reduce fuel consumption, enhance driver safety, and achieve stronger regulatory compliance.

From Paris, Orange Business Services announced it has extended its partnership with Aggreko to enhance network agility in Africa, the Americas, and Europe.  Under the agreement, Orange’s Business VPN supports all Aggreko’s voice, data, video, and critical business applications. The newly- extended, six-year agreement focuses on improved network availability and is intended to support Aggreko’s digital transformation strategy.

In regional expansion news, MTN and Ericsson collaborate to bring wireless connectivity to rural Africa. Ericsson also announced Chilean operator Entel’s expand the reach of its services throughout Latin America.

From Phnom Phen, Alcatel-Lucent announced Cambodian operator Chuan Wei meet the exploding demand for ultra-broadband connectivity.  The agreement leverages Alcatel-Lucent’s LTE and VoLTE technologies to allow ISPs to meet the growing demand for data from enterprises while simultaneously enabling new, consumer services.

In the US, AT&T launched a new affiliate in Iraq to expand communication services in the Middle East.  According to the press release, AT&T services now encompass 190 countries and territories representing 99% of the world’s economy.

Off the coast of France on the island of Jersey, year-old satellite operator 03b reported explosive growth. The company’s 12 Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) satellites provide an initial constellation capacity of 192 Gbps and are currently serving 40 customers in 31 countries. O3b helps mobile operators and ISPs expand their coverage to isolated island chains, cruise lines, and unique enterprises – such as oil and gas.

Orange Business Services announced its Maritime Connect product to support digital transformation in the shipping industry. Martime Connect enables companies to seamlessly integrate their fleet into their corporate networks and provide internet access for shipping crews and applications. Maritime Connect is available in three tiered versions. The basic version includes on-board access to essential communications services like IP Routing, link switching, quality of service (QoS) and server hosting for applications onboard; the next level up adds licenses for increased security, WAN optimization and user accounting, while the premium version provides maximum connectivity for crew and captain with Wi-Fi on board, 3G/4G for near-shore operations.

Turning our gaze heavenly once again, Inmarsat, Alcatel-Lucent and Deutsche Telekom (DT) have teamed up to provide fast, reliable in-air internet access. In a recent news announcement, Alcatel-Lucent says it will deploy the LTE network to compliment and support the satellite network provided by Inmarsat for European flights.  The technology will provide in-flight Wi-Fi connectivity and a seamless handoff between the terrestrial LTE network and the extraterrestrial S-band network. DT and Inmarsat recently announced a strategic partnership for the European Aviation Network to commercially roll-out the network by 2017.

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