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Allot released its MobileTrends report which indicated that male millennials are at most risk to become targets of cyberattacks.

Cisco’s customers went on record at the Cisco Editors’ Conference to endorse four new digital industry solutions and its new IoT security application. The four digital industry solutions span manufacturing, transportation, utilities, and oil and gas.  The IoT System Security product-portfolio helps deliver highly secure connectivity, visibility and control for IoT initiative as both connected devices and security threats rapidly and simultaneously expand.

Allot Communications’ annouced that its ServiceProtector product was selected by The Telecommunications and Information Technology Center of the Generalitat de Catalunya (CTTI) to protect the September 27th Catalonian Elections from the threat of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) cyber-attacks.

Later in the month, Allot released its MobileTrends report which indicated that male millennials are at most risk to become targets of cyberattacks. The report elevates high-risk “touch triggers” within consumer behavior to help service provider identify and potentially mitigate risks.

GL Communications released its Network Surveillance Software for wireless, IP, and TDM networks. The solution monitors heterogeneous network traffic and probes transmit data to a centralized Oracle database for immediate visibility, analysis and reporting through the company’s NetSurveyWeb™ browser-based application.

The need for speed

IHS Infonetics released excerpts from a report exploring the demand for 1 Gigabit, 2.5 Gigabit, 10 Gigabit, 40 Gigabit and 100 Gigabit optical and Ethernet ports, the size of the market and how fast each segment is growing, and which technologies and speeds are being adopted on various types of enterprise and service provider equipment.  The report findings indicate that the 40G and 100G markets are predicted to be the key growth segments; with 2.5G having the highest growth in 2014 massive spending increases due to the rollout of GPON OLT in China and Gigabit services in North America.

In the related press release, co-author of the report, Andrew Schmitt, was quoted as saying, “2016 is poised to be a breakout year for 100G technologies as coherent 100G ports ramp in metro networks, and companies such as Google, Microsoft and Amazon introduce 100G Ethernet switching technology into their massive hyperscale data centers.”

In Chattanooga, Tennessee, Alcatel-Lucent and EPB launched the world’s first community-wide 10 gigabit (10,000Mbps) service. Chattanooga had been previously known as “Gig City” for the city-wide availability of 1 Gig (1,000 Mbps) service as an initiative to attract and cater to new businesses, such as 3D printing entrepreneurs who need to be able to download large files rapidly. With the help of Alcatel-Lucent’s ultra-broadband technology, the city has now become the “10 Gig City” and continues to be a national role model in enabling businesses and accelerating innovation.

Also this month, Windstream announced it boosted internet speeds to 100Mbps for one million household and businesses in 250 US markets. The speed boost was a results of a multi-year network upgrade, with plans to extend the reach to 600 US markets by the end of the year. 

The Cloud swells

In France, Orange Business Service this month announced that it has teamed up with Google Cloud. The Google Cloud Interconnect (GCI) platform is now available through Orange’s secure and high-performance cloud hub, Business VPN Galerie for multinational enterprises in Asia, Europe and North America.  This allows access to GCI more securely without traversing the slower public network.

Deep in the heart of Texas, AT&T reported significant growth in cloud adoption from a range of segments such as financial services, insurance, government, energy, healthcare, manufacturing and retail. The AT&T Cloud has expanded this year to include 12 leading cloud services including: Salesforce, Box, HP, VMware, Amazon Web Services, SoftLayer, Blue Jeans Network, Sungard Availability Services, Equinix, Microsoft GovCloud, Amazon Web Services GovCloud and Cisco; the last three being announced this month.

Verizon also stated growth in personal cloud services this month in a press release issued by Synchronoss restating the multiyear agreement between the two companies. While the release read more like a renewal of marriage vows, it did highlight both company’s commitment to cloud and the expansion of the Verizon Cloud into its wireline services.


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