Powering Pervasive Mobility with MEC

5G SNPN (w/Private 5G Core)

SNPN (w/Private 5G Core) deployed as a completely standalone 5G private network has 5G RAN and a 5G core on-premises and does not rely on the network functions provided by a 5G PLMN. An SNPN operator could be the enterprise itself, outsource operation to a 5G SP, or other entity. In this configuration, the RF spectrum is either private spectrum, spectrum from a PLMN, or unlicensed spectrum (Figure 6).

Figure 6: 5G SNPN (w/Private 5G Core) Network Architecture

For multi-site locations, the private 5G core would not have to be extended to every site. Private MEC nodes can be used to cost-effectively extend the SNPN to other locations. 5G SNPN (w/private 5G core) takes the longest time to implement, and the 5G SP loses network control, as the SNPN is an autonomous network as far as the PLMN is concerned (Figure 7).

Figure 7: 5G SNPN (w/Private 5G Core) Network Characteristics


Three private networks options for pervasive mobile networks were reviewed:  Public MEC, Private MEC, and private 5G core. The enterprise network options are summarized in (Figure 8), with the addition of relative cost to enterprises and relative size of the market opportunity for SPs.

Figure 8: Enterprise Network Architectural Options and Characteristics 

In competing for private on-premises business, 5G SPs can make the case that 5G PNI-NPN (w/Private MEC) is a better option than a 5G SNPN (w/private 5G core) solution, because Private MEC can meet enterprise need for data sovereignty and have the best coverage and lowest latency possible, at a lower cost with quicker delivery, all without sacrificing performance, running on the enterprise’s private spectrum. At the same time, the 5G SP would be able to keep the network up to date with the latest 3GPP standards. 5G MEC is the key infrastructure component that can enable 5G SPs to provide premium services and performance to enterprises needing real-time or near-real-time communications. A 5G SP that cultivates relationships with enterprises and deliver solutions faster than the competition will gain the most market share and generate new sources of revenue.  


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