Welcome to the Edge – A New Standard
of Content Delivery

Next-generation delivery must bring all forms of content to the edge.

offload core traffic that would typically come across peering or transit connections. Content publishers, CSPs, and end users all benefit simultaneously. The content providers get the delivery quality and capacity they need to be successful. At the same time, the CSPs keep their customers happy without having to massively grow their core, and the end users get a premium quality-of-service only possible when content is delivered near them.

Building out edge capacity

Spikes in network traffic during major live events are inevitable. For example, Rihanna’s halftime performance during last month’s Super Bowl LVII drew an average of 118.7 million viewers across TV and digital platforms (the game itself had an average viewership of 113 million). But outside of these more predictable spikes in viewership, knowing when and how large traffic surges will be is nearly impossible. Building out enough capacity that ensures faultless delivery of live content is no small chore for service providers, but when met, it provides an exciting opportunity to elevate live streams and usher in next-generation interactive and immersive experiences.

Figure 1
: Delivering CDN functionality over an edge computing infrastructure
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Unlike traditional commercial CDN nodes that are centrally located in the mid-mile, Open Caching nodes are deeply embedded in the service provider network at the closest possible location to the users—potentially just a few streets away. Open Caching-based architectures can expand network capacity and help remove the major bottlenecks in Internet infrastructure caused by increased digital media and other online content consumption. In the past, high-traffic bottlenecks on events such as live sports and the premieres of major shows have not resulted from limited server capacity but more from issues with network access. Partnering with CSPs and deploying delivery architectures inside the network brings a much-needed reinvention to the traditional model.

Bringing the customer closer

By deploying Open Caching into their networks, CSPs are immediately brought into the end-to-end content value chain and join a global ecosystem of content publishers looking to deliver their content in its intended quality. All content providers, whether offering streaming video, gaming, website services, AR/VR, or connected cars, seek new ways to guarantee an excellent digital experience for their users. How they deliver their assets is critical to this and partnering with CSPs to tap into the network edge directly is the most efficient and future-looking method of doing so. Offering unmatched user experiences is what ultimately keeps customers coming back.

Next-generation delivery must bring all forms of content to the edge to reduce CSP network bandwidth consumption and allow for more effective distribution. The whole ecosystem needs to consider both sides of the coin—the creation and the process of delivering these high-quality experiences to consumers worldwide on any device. As the streaming content landscape widens, new approaches are desperately needed to scale and manage unpredictable audience patterns. Working with CDNs with caches at the main peering point is not enough to address the challenge of the distance between the central hubs and the subscribers at the edge. Delivering tens of thousands of individual streams across the network has an inherent cost. Open Caching is the most promising solution to ensure consumers can enjoy a reliable quality of experience now and in the future.


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