Telecoms, Advertising and Streaming:
Opportunities in a Changing World

Digital streaming demands fast internet connectivity. This presents another golden opportunity for telcos...
telcos need to leverage their customer data to get a piece of the advertising pie that has been exclusively held by big tech. This is arguably the biggest way telcos could benefit, but not the only one. Telcos have a golden opportunity to use their customer data and insights to actually curate and aggregate content and create personalized streaming bundles based on tastes and previous viewership. This would not only enhance customer loyalty but also provide a mechanism for developing additional revenue streams through upselling and cross-selling opportunities. 

When it comes to getting entertainment to the viewers, telcos are already in a strong position, but they might also leverage their resources to get more out of the deal. Their extensive network infrastructure and distribution capabilities enable the delivery of content to consumers anytime and anywhere, and puts them in a position to use their clout to create opportunities for premium content partnerships and revenue-sharing models.

Obviously, the ability to provide a high quality of service for streaming is crucial for success, and also more or less problematic to achieve in different regions. Telcos could improve delivery in areas with weaker networks by prioritizing and optimizing network traffic for streaming services, guaranteeing a buffer-free and immersive experience for users. In general, a commitment to QoS always results in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Digital streaming demands fast internet connectivity. This presents another golden opportunity for telcos through their ability to offer high-speed broadband packages tailored to meet the needs of avid streamers. By ensuring reliable and fast internet access, they become an indispensable part of the streaming equation. Moreover, the extent to which they do this well can provide a foundation for further business development.

Perhaps telcos should also consider directly investing in original content creation and production, either independently or through strategic partnerships. Doing so would not only diversify their revenue streams but also allow them to differentiate themselves in a crowded market. It may sound crazy, but exclusive content can attract and retain subscribers. Also, with digital streaming transcending geographical boundaries, telcos can explore international partnerships and expansion opportunities. By offering access to a diverse range of content, they can tap into global markets and attract a broader customer base.

We are also seeing how the convergence of streaming and the Internet of Things (IoT) is already beginning to catch the attention of some telcos. One idea to gain additional revenue from these innovative new services would be to integrate streaming into smart home devices, connected vehicles, and more. Bundled solutions could offer great loyalty from those users tapping into IoT right now.

By moving to the end of the funnel telcos could also harness advanced analytics and AI-driven insights that could help content providers optimize their offerings, target advertisements effectively, and refine their monetization strategies. They could also use this data to inform future media production, indicating the direction new seasons should take or what kind of new shows would be popular. This data-driven approach can lead to mutually beneficial partnerships. The ability of telcos to offer secure connections and data protection services could further enhance trust among consumers and content providers alike.

If we can glean one lesson from the foregoing, as well as from developments at large in recent years, it’s that data is king. This is becoming true across all facets of business and is especially true for the entertainment industry. Telcos would do well to begin to capitalize on their infrastructure, data capabilities, and strategic partnerships, and thereby position themselves as integral players in the digital streaming ecosystem, creating enhanced value for both themselves and their customers. Embracing this digital transformation is not just a business imperative, but a pathway to a more connected and entertaining future.



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