From the Ground Up: The Role of Satellite
in a New Communications Landscape

By: Helen Weedon

The communications sector is undergoing an era of fundamental change, a change that is happening both way above our heads as well as down here on the ground. On one hand, the telco industry is moving at full tilt towards 5G. This network of networks will see the interweaving of different access technologies that leverage automation, virtualization, and orchestration to meet the huge demand for connectivity with the right technology in the most cost-effective manner possible. Facilitated by cloud-based services, it will connect everyone and everything…

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The 2023 Pipeline Innovation Awards
Showcasing Industry Innovation

By: Scott St. John, Pipeline

The culmination of the 12th annual Pipeline Innovation Awards program was another incredible showcase of technical innovation occurring across the industry. This year’s awards program featured hundreds of nominations across 30 categories of technical innovation in which contestants have an opportunity to compete by nominating themselves, their partners, suppliers, and customers. A select group is also nominated by Pipeline, based on its unique perspective and familiarity with the technology, industry, and innovators…

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5 Top Technology Trends Reshaping
the Digital Landscape

By: James Harmison

Technology has changed the world. This is not a controversial statement. From the plow to the printing press to the personal computer, advancing technology has the power to radically reshape the world and the ways we live. The many changes in the past decades have driven us to the point that some of the most transformative changes in our society are enabled by software. Digital transformation is not just a buzzword, it’s a reality. 2023 has been a year of rapid change, with many dramatic new software-defined technologies making their way into businesses…

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Growing Role of Communications
in the Public Safety Industry

By: Shirin Esfandiari

The role and importance of communications is rapidly growing across all sectors of society. Integration of new and evolving technologies such as the cloud, IoT, artificial intelligence, and 5G with communications is no less than redefining how we do things. Indeed, industries throughout the world are already reaping the benefits of this transformational development. However, despite operating in one of the most mission-critical industries, many first responder agencies, such as police departments, firefighters, and emergency medical technicians, are lacking many of the intelligent systems that are increasingly prevalent in almost every other industry…

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Human/Artificial Intelligence

By: Dr. Marty Trevino

Artificial Intelligence has become an ubiquitous and towering facet of our modern cyber-physical lives. The average person is “touched” by some form of AI on both cognitive and physical levels multiple times daily. Generative AI has drawn much public attention, but many other forms of AI exist to facilitate our daily functioning and problem-solving. Our interaction with these embedded AIs or algorithms is often unperceived as they are embedded in cyber-physical systems. We stand at the most amazing and potentially most impactful inflection point in history, as never before has humanity created a technology that offers a nearly symbiotic relationship with its user…

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Trends in Enterprise-class Wireless LAN
Explosive Growth and Real Innovation

By: Sian Morgan

Sales of Wireless LAN (WLAN) equipment to enterprises have exploded (See Figure 1, below). Since the pandemic, amidst difficult supply conditions, manufacturers’ enterprise-class WLAN revenues grew to dizzying heights in the first half of 2023. The industry has not experienced this level of expansion in over fifteen years.The boom is due to a mixed bag of drivers. Certainly, long lead times and advanced ordering have resulted in a compressed spike in deliveries. But hidden among the pandemic knock-on effects is a real demand for new solutions…

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Connecting the Connected Car Ecosystem:
A Roadmap to Data-Driven Innovation

By: Sumit Chahaun

The automobile industry is at the cusp of a major transformation, one that is likely to change the way we use our vehicles. Central to this transformation is the rise and evolution of connected vehicles. These vehicles, equipped with an array of sensors, connectivity features, and data-driven technologies, have ushered in a new era of mobility. The opportunities within the connected vehicle ecosystem are vast, encompassing a multitude of stakeholders and leaving an impact across verticals. Join us as we explore the multifaceted landscape of connected vehicles, emphasizing the potential for data-driven innovation, and the role of electric vehicles (EVs) in shaping the future of mobility…

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The Future Landscape of Urban Data Centers

By: Craig Huffman

Digital infrastructure developers are setting their sights on big cities across the U.S. for the next generation of data center deployments. These urban locations serve as critical destinations for new builds, specifically designed to meet the growing demands for digital enablement of new and evolving technologies. With the ability to provide capacity for computational power, content hosting with proximity to end-users, and direct access to diverse fiber routes for high-bandwidth/low-latency data exchange, urban environments are a re-emerging focal point for data center development…

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A New Framework for Cybersecurity

By: Jacob Ukelson, D.Sc.

It is no secret that current approaches to cyber defense are failing to stem the tide of successful attacks on enterprises of all sizes. An approach to reducing risk called Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) is emerging that Gartner predicts will reduce the chances of system breaches by a factor of three. This article explains the CTEM process, why it is needed, and how businesses can implement it. Current Cybersecurity Basics But before getting into the details of CTEM let us review some basics of how organizations typically do their cybersecurity and examine why they all too often fail to prevent security breaches…

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Telecoms, Advertising and Streaming:
Opportunities in a Changing World

By: Ross Flynn

In the span of just over a decade, the entertainment industry has undergone an unprecedented and profound transformation. Business models and distribution methods long established as the de facto means of delivering media are being supplanted. The advent and rise of streaming media content is quickly making linear channel consumption, such as watching cable TV or viewing movies at the cinema, a thing of the past. While this change has affected all players in the entertainment industry, its ripple effects go well beyond…

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Letter from the Editor

By: Scott St. John, Pipeline

Remember plain old telephone services (POTS)? Good ol’ fashioned copper lines. There wasn’t much to it. Copper in, copper out, and a switch (or switchboard) in the middle and simple charging. All you really needed was a few good lads to put up poles and hang it. Those were the days. Today, not so much. Communication services today are comprised of a mind-numbing array of fixed and wireless technologies. Sure, copper is still in the mix, but due to the shift to voice-over-IP (VoIP), and other demands such as data services and mobile backhaul, so is fiber…

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IT & Telecom Industry News

By: Thomas Board, Pipeline

The holiday season is upon us but tech and telecom news is still making its way to Pipeline thick and fast. We’ve seen advancements in Artificial Intelligence, Generative AI, and Quantum Computing this year, plus exciting 5G and 6G stories going live every month. This month’s top industry news stories are summarized below. To view current breaking news in real-time, visit Pipeline’s News Center, follow Pipeline on social media, or subscribe to receive our weekly telecom industry news summary…

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