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Palo Alto Networks announced that Cortex XSIAM now enables customers to add their own custom AI models on the XSIAM data lake in addition to the already existing 1,300 models.
Prisma SASE, will enable users to securely access business applications from any device, including mobile and other non-corporate devices, while delivering seamless user experiences. Windstream Enterprise’s Secure Access Service Edge and Security Service Edge solutions, powered by Cato Networks, are available for U.S.-based companies that operate internationally.

 MainTegrity announced a groundbreaking step in the battle against ransomware. MainTegrity FIM+ software can now detect and help neutralize the most insidious forms of ransom attacks, malicious encryption, and data exfiltration.

AI and Analytics News

AI and Analytics News has given us innovations in medicine using generative AI and exciting new findings in AI studies. Proofpoint has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Tessian, a leader in the use of advanced AI to automatically detect and guard against both accidental data loss and evolving email threats. JUPITER will be powered by the NVIDIA Grace Hopper accelerated computing architecture to deliver extreme-scale computing power for AI and simulation workloads. Palo Alto Networks announced that Cortex XSIAM now enables customers to add their own custom AI models on the XSIAM data lake in addition to the already existing 1,300 models.

Adtran is integrating the Intel NetSec Accelerator Reference Design with its Ensemble Cloudlet solution to enhance edge cloud deployments with advanced security, faster data processing, and improved networking performance. Cisco’s new AI study reveals that a mere 14% of organizations globally are fully prepared to deploy and leverage Artificial Intelligence-powered technologies, according to their inaugural AI Readiness Index.

Red Hat has made Red Hat Ansible Lightspeed with IBM watsonx Code Assistant available, a generative AI service to help enterprises accelerate IT automation across an organization. Dropbox and NVIDIA have collaborated to supercharge knowledge work and improve productivity for millions of Dropbox customers through the power of AI. A new generative AI collaboration between Genentech and NVIDIA aims to transform the discovery and development of new medicines by bringing together experts from each company to optimize and accelerate Genentech’s proprietary algorithms.

Cloud News

In Cloud News, Bitdeer Technologies Group has become a preferred cloud service provider in the NVIDIA Partner Network and plans to launch Bitdeer AI Cloud, among the first cloud services powered by NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD with DGX H100 systems in the Asia region. The service will provide Bitdeer’s customers with access to NVIDIA AI supercomputing to help them accelerate their development of generative AI, large language models, and other AI workloads. Meanwhile, Palo Alto Networks has introduced Strata Cloud Manager, the industry's first AI-powered zero trust management and operations solution. With these innovations and over 4,400 machine learning models, Palo Alto Networks is well-positioned to prove the combination of AI and zero trust can best protect today's customer needs.

Oxide Computer Company unveiled the world’s first commercial Cloud Computer, a true rack-scale system with fully unified hardware and software designed for on-premises cloud computing. Also, Telefonica has expedited cloud migration and modernization of over 100 complex applications by leveraging CAST Highlight, accelerating their transition to Microsoft Azure. The product’s software intelligence capabilities enabled automation of the migration planning process, allowing the Telefonica IT Transformation team to rapidly modernize their portfolio and achieve tangible business benefits.

IoT and Innovation News

In IoT and Innovation News, Riyadh Air and IBM formed an agreement in which IBM Consulting will be the lead systems integrator to support creating, building, and orchestrating the technology foundation that can help the digitally native airline offer


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