How Important is Network QoE?

These findings raise the stakes for service providers...What should be their plan?
The Bottom Line

The global survey results underscore the strategic value of network quality of experience as a tool to generate revenue, reduce churn and boost subscriber loyalty. 

The research highlighted four key areas around quality of experience:

  • Facilitating the digital lifestyle – meeting the demands of the digital usage evolution where nearly 40 percent  of those surveyed have three or more devices.
  • Boosting data coverage and speed – 40 percent+ of global mobile users would pay more to have access to better data coverage and faster download speeds.
  • Exploiting WiFi to enhance network experience – 60 percent  globally look for WiFi to save money, and nearly 50 percent  to get a better quality of experience.
  • Creating a personalized experience – 73 percent of mobile users are interested in setting self-controlled spending limits and 83 percent are interested in being able to change their service plans themselves.

WiFi: preferred network access mode

Let’s take a closer look at two areas of the network experience especially relevant to North America.  One is WiFi, which is now an integral part of the North American mobile user’s quality of experience.  In North America, 77 percent of those surveyed look for access to Wi-Fi wherever possible, just slightly less than the global average of 79 percent9%.  Sixty-five percent do so to save money, the highest of all regions compared -- 60 percent being the global average.  Rounding out the picture, 43 percent seek WiFi to get better quality experience and to prevent going over plan limits.

How do North American consumers spend their time on WiFi when away from the home or office?

They use WiFi to surf the internet (58 percent), do email (49 percent), check out social media sites (47 percent), stream video (43 percent) and upload videos and photos (40 percent).

The other key area is creating a personalized experience.  When North American consumers were asked about billing plan features that they are interested in and would pay more for, their top three picks were:  data speed boosters (chosen by 30 percent), rollover of unused voice and data (28 percent) and bundled plans (25 percent).   When asked which billing plan features that they were interested in but would not pay more for, their top three picks were the ability to self-change service plans (selected by 60 percent), 56% highlighted rollover of unused voice and data (56 percent), and self-controlled spending limits (53 percent).

The survey findings, then, leave no doubt that consumers place a premium on a high-quality network experience.  These findings raise the stakes for service providers who now need to ensure this high-quality network experience.  What should be their plan?

Service providers should consider key software technologies that can help ensure an optimal quality of experience.  These include customer-centric geo-located RAN (radio access networks) analytics and optimization to prioritize network investments based on key customer segments, and improve network coverage, capacity and performance. This enables service providers to optimize the systems already in place and sweat existing assets to delay capital spending and reduced operating expenses, and ultimately improve network ROI.   


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