Radware Offers New Integrated Authentication for iOS and Android Cybersecurity

Radware Protects Native Android and iOS Mobile Applications from Bad Bots

Industry-leading enhancements mitigate bad bot traffic in real time, preventing their unlawful access.

Radware® (NASDAQ: RDWR), a leading provider of cyber security and application delivery solutions, announced major enhancements to its Radware Bot Manager as part of its 360-degree approach to application protection. Radware’s advanced solution helps organizations prevent nefarious bots from bypassing their defenses to gain unlawful access to native Android and iOS (Google and Apple) mobile applications.

Today, 10% of bot attacks target native mobile applications. Yet, many of the traditional security controls enterprises use to protect their digital assets are limited in their ability to detect sophisticated bots in mobile app and web traffic. Radware Bot Manager’s market-leading advancements offer first-to-market integrated authentication for both iOS and Android devices and new identity algorithms so organizations can defend themselves against distributed and targeted bot attacks with the highest accuracy and performance.

“Bot attacks are increasing not only in number, but also sophistication. To circumvent conventional security measures, bots can change their identity, behavior, and IP address,” said Gabi Malka, Radware’s chief operating officer. “Defending against their tactics requires advanced, proactive security that improves its logic faster than continuously evolving bot patterns—which is exactly what our enhanced bot manager does. Radware Bot Manager leverages the latest developments in deep learning and advanced proprietary secure-identity algorithms to stop bot attacks on native mobile applications in real-time before they materialize and take a toll on your infrastructure.”

To ensure only authenticated devices and users can reach native Android and iOS mobile applications, Radware Bot Manager now offers organizations a double layer of added protection. The first new layer of protection provides proactive attestation mechanisms that automatically identify and defend against mobile app emulators, modified applications, and applications with modified operating systems. The second added layer—Secure Identity—offers a unique user identity engine that validates application and operating system requests to prevent identity spoofing, tampering, and replay attacks. Together, these new layers deliver faster, more accurate detection of bots engaged in attacks.

Bad bots target mobile applications to carry out a variety of malicious activities. This includes form and comment spamming, creating fake accounts, denying inventory, stealing confidential business data and personally identifiable information (PII), and launching denial-of-service attacks.

In addition to secure identity and attestation, Radware’s multi-layered protection for mobile applications and the web includes intent-based analysis, device and browser fingerprinting, and collective bot intelligence along with:

  • Detailed analytics and reporting – Granular analytics reports on bot activities include malicious IP lists as well as insights into global bot distribution, traffic patterns, and the severity of an attack.
  • Flexible integration – Optimized to consume less space, memory, CPU, and battery, the Radware Bot Manager software developer’s kit (SDK) easily integrates with iOS and Android apps and can be embedded into native and hybrid apps.
  • Customizable CAPTCHAs – To meet specific business needs, the Radware Bot Manager SDK enables users to customize a variety of elements for CAPTCHA and block pages, including text, text alignment, font, color, language, and images.
  • Unified portal – Radware Bot Manager shares a “single-pane-of-glass” interface with Radware’s Cloud Application Protection Services to deliver ease of configuration, granular control options, and detailed analytics for application security events and protection metrics.

For 360 degrees of application security, Radware Bot Manager works alongside Radware’s market-leading Cloud DDoS Protection Service, Cloud Web Application Firewall (WAF) Service, API Protection, and just-released Client-Side Protection. Industry analysts such as Aite-Novarica Group, Forrester Research, Gartner, GigaOm, KuppingerCole, and Quadrant Knowledge Solutions continue to recognize Radware as a market leader across a variety of cyber security categories. The company has received numerous awards for its application and API protection, WAF, bot management, and DDoS mitigation solutions.

Source: Radware media announcement


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