New Wi-Fi Platform Simplifies Network Design and Implementation

Ekahau Addresses Next-Generation Wi-Fi Capacity Issues with New Solution

Wi-Fi network design solutions provider Ekahau has launched a new design platform for network owner/operators to simplify network design for last-mile transport of mission-critical workloads such as IoT, cloud, cellular offloading, and Wi-Fi calling.

Ekahau, the global leader in Enterprise Wi-Fi network design solutions, today announced the release of Ekahau Site Survey (ESS) and 3D Planner version 9.0. ESS is the first-ever easy-to-use Wi-Fi network capacity and coverage planning solution. ESS 9.0 further allows system integrators and Wi-Fi network owners to design and maintain robust Wi-Fi networks that do not fail under ever-increasing business applications and corporate network traffic.

As Wi-Fi has become the de-facto last-mile transport for mission-critical workloads such as IoT, cloud, cellular offloading, and Wi-Fi calling, the demands on Wi-Fi networks continue to accelerate. The Ekahau ESS and 3D Planner 9.0 helps network engineers tackle Wi-Fi issues by streamlining Wi-Fi design, troubleshooting and optimization.

"ESS v9.0 is not only a critical tool for network engineers, it is now a must-have for all business network owners and operators. With Wi-Fi being utilized for mission-critical applications in industries including healthcare, retail and manufacturing, network downtime is not an option. The value ESS 9.0 brings to these network owners and operators is ensuring peak Wi-Fi network performance that helps to positively impact organizational productivity and in turn the bottom line," said inTechnology Distribution CEO Mark Winter.

Ekahau's ESS version 9.0 enables Wi-Fi network designing to be time-efficient and user-friendly. It provides a set of powerful new features such as support for dual-5GHz access points, disabling of unnecessary 2.4GHz radios that degrade performance, airtime utilization heatmaps and 3D modeling, including floor-to-floor signal prediction and antenna uptilt/downtilt.

Ekahau's solution calculates the optimal number and placement of access points and provides the most advantageous AP configuration. In addition, heatmaps of the expected coverage and capacity are shown in gradient colors, guiding the user to design for desired signal strength and network performance.

"Based on our interactions with thousands of customers, we've identified three critical things that network owners and operators as well as network engineers need from a Wi-Fi design solution: a super-powerful feature set, ease of use, and to get from zero to a completed network design as quickly as possible. Combining these three has been Ekahau's goal since 2002, and our current number one market position is a proof that we are on the right track. Simply put, we work overtime developing our technology, so that the network engineers can deliver better Wi-Fi in less time," said Ekahau Senior Vice President Jussi Kiviniemi.

Ekahau Site Survey and 3D Planner version 9.0 runs on Windows laptops/tablets as well as MacOS devices (beta).As a complete solution for wireless professionals managing a Wi-Fi network, Ekahau Site Survey and 3D Planner solution includes network planning, troubleshooting, site surveying, analysis, optimization and reporting capabilities. Software ships with a dedicated Wi-Fi measurement hardware to maximize field work and accurate measurement results.

Source: Ekahau media announcement


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