IR-MED Announces Demonstration of AI-driven Analysis Tech Platform

IR-Med’s PressureSafe Noninvasive Wound Care Device to be Demonstrated at Northwell Health’s 10th Annual Shining the Light on Wound Care Symposium

 A 94.7% accuracy in identifying Stage 1 pressure injuries was achieved in a proof-of-concept device upon which PressureSafe is based. Company to exhibit and demo its "sense the invisible" handheld medical devices set to transform pressure injury detection and treatment.

IR-MED Inc., (“IR-MED” or the “Company”) (OTCQB:IRME), developer of a noninvasive AI-driven spectrographic analysis technology platform to address significant healthcare needs, announced today it will exhibit and conduct live demonstrations of its PressureSafe wound care device at Northwell Health’s 10th Annual Shining the Light on Wound Care Symposium on May 19, 2023 at the TWA Hotel at JFK International Airport in New York.

PressureSafe, which is showing high accuracy in noninvasively identifying Stage 1 pressure injuries in current useability studies, will be presented to over 250 wound specialists including podiatrists, endocrinologists, internists, vascular and plastic surgeons, family practitioners, registered nurses, physical therapists, nurse practitioners, registered dieticians, and physician assistants attending continuing medical education (CME) courses at the Wound Care Symposium.

Using penetrating infrared light to “look” beneath the skin’s surface, PressureSafe senses biomarkers and structural changes in tissue layers. This data is then processed using AI software to provide clinical feedback as a decision support system (DSS). The device is automatically recalibrated per each patient’s skin and tissue to create a personalized medical experience for each patient.

60,000 of the 2.5 million patients who develop pressure wounds die each year according to the National Pressure Injury Advisory Council. Early detection of pressure injuries can be challenging for all patients, particularly for minority populations. Patients with dark skin tones suffered more than twice as much as those with lighter skin according to a study published in the peer-reviewed journal Wounds because visual cues commonly associated with the identification of Stage 1 pressure wounds may not be sufficient in persons with darkly pigmented skin.

“As we prepare to launch PressureSafe in the U.S., following regulatory approval, we are engaging with the wound care community to build awareness around our device which we believe is a breakthrough in the early detection of pressure wounds and is skin-tone agnostic. Early detection can significantly improve patient wellness while also reducing cost burden and mortality,” stated Yaniv Cohen, CSO of IR-Med.

Source: IR-MED media announcement


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