SCTE-ISBE to Train Millicom's Cable Workforce in Latin America


Pact includes first enterprise license for SCTE•ISBE training in Latin America

The Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE) and SCTE’s global arm, the International Society of Broadband Experts (ISBE), today announced SCTE•ISBE’s partnership and educational commitment to advance training at scale for Millicom’s cable workforce in Latin America.

SCTE•ISBE signed an agreement with Millicom to provide 700 of its employees and business partners with access to Spanish-language training in on-premises installation, cable distribution, and wireless technologies. Millicom, a leading provider of cable and mobile services dedicated to emerging markets, operates with the commercial brand Tigo in Latin America.

“As we continue to expand our cable footprint through high-speed broadband technology, having access to SCTE•ISBE training will sharpen the skills of our engineering professionals in response to all aspects of our Tigo operations, from legacy technologies to newer advances in mobility and cybersecurity. Investing in well-trained staff helps ensure we’re delivering the highest level of service and an overall great experience to our subscribers,” said Xavier Rocoplan, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology and Information Officer at Millicom.

The partnership breaks new ground, making Millicom the first operator in Latin American to secure an enterprise license for SCTE•ISBE training, with access to the SCTE•ISBE Corporate Alliance Partner (CAP) program. The CAP program provides its partners with opportunities to help shape, define, and prepare the cable industry for new technologies and services, as industry standards are considered and created.

“Millicom’s success has been fueled by its ability to capitalize on opportunities in underserved markets,” said Mark Dzuban, President and CEO of SCTE•ISBE. “We look forward to working closely with them as they deploy products, services, and business strategies that connect the unconnected and create reliable, customer-friendly digital ecosystems.”

SCTE•ISBE’s online courses—including the CORTEX Expert Development System™ and the new CORTEX VirtuLearn™ suite of tools—are designed in partnership with the operator community to enable members of its cable workforce to advance their careers, while minimizing impact on day-to-day operations. Courses are designed to cover every aspect of today’s cable technical operations.

SCTE•ISBE’s Corporate Alliance Partner program includes a wide variety of opportunities for all operators and technology innovators to help shape, define, and prepare the industry for new technologies and services. CAP partners boost visibility and results by influencing training roadmaps that build workforce expertise. They achieve this by having a seat at the table as industry standards are considered and created and by leveraging the shared experiences of other Corporate Alliance partners.

Source: SCTE•ISBE press release


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