AlertGPS and AT&T Join Forces to Help Keep Workers Safe with IoT

AlertGPS Uses AT&T Connectivity to Help Keep Mobile Workers Safer

Supporting “World Day For Safety And Health At Work” And Bringing Awareness To The Risks Faced By Mobile Workers

AlertGPS,a leading innovator in connected enterprise safety technology, and AT&T are joining forces to support World Day for Safety and Health at Work and bring wareness to the growing safety needs of mobile workers.

By 2020 the mobile worker population in the US is projected to hit 105.4 million, representing 72.3% of the total US workforce1.  When workers operate outside an office or a controlled environment, it becomes increasingly difficult for organizations to manage the potential risks a worker may encounter, or know when a worker needs emergency assistance.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 52% of all incidents of workplace violence involve workers in the health care and social assistance industry.2 A study by the New England Journal of Medicine3, found that 61% of home care workers report workplace violence annually. Concerns include the presence of weapons and drugs, domestic violence, robbery, and car theft.

"The ability to quickly summon the authorities without arousing suspicion makes all the difference during an incident," said Randy Hertzberg, Operations Manager for Hospice of Kankakee Valley. "We recently had clinicians in a rural location and a man became increasingly verbally and physically abusive towards them.  At the touch of a single button on the AlertGPS device, our workers were able to quickly and discreetly get help."

“More workers today are finding themselves outside of traditional workplace settings,” said Mary Anne Keegan, President AlertGPS. “While proper training in safety procedures remains vital, providing mobile workers with the right tools to request and receive help in an emergency situation is critical to avoid negative outcomes.” She added, “In emergency situations it is imperative that we have a highly secure, reliable network to power our solution. That is why we chose AT&T.”

AlertGPS and AT&T IoT services provide a quick way to locate, communicate and get help to home care and other mobile workers, protecting them from common hazards and threatening behaviors. AlertGPS takes staying connected to another level - offering an integrated safety solution. 

Companion SOS

When a worker feels uneasy walking to their car, they press the SOS button and talk to an agent who acts as a virtual companion.

Domicile of a Registered Offender

The worker and their manager receive an alert if the worker approaches or enters the home of a registered sex offender.

Threat & Assault

An SOS button allows the worker to initiate a 2-way call to the AlertGPS Safety Monitoring Center.

Mass Notification

In the event of fire, bad weather, or other emergencies, organizations have the ability to communicate to all or a subset of their mobile workforce at once.

"We are thrilled to be promoting World Day for Safety and Health at Work," said Keegan. "We stand behind all organizations that make workplace safety a priority and encourage all companies to adopt new safety protocols and technologies to protect their mobile workforce."

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2 Bureau of Labor Statistics
3 Workplace Violence against Health Care Workers in the United States (2016)

Source: AlertGPS media announcement


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